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3 Important Tips When Buying a Car & How You Can Enjoy 0% Interest Rate


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If you are looking to upgrade your ride, purchasing a car during this festive season could be a great financial decision. This is because there are various ongoing Raya deals, including our Carsome Berkat Aidilfitri campaign where you can enjoy 0% interest from Public Bank Berhad or Hong Leong Bank for up to a year when you buy a car with Carsome.

On top of that, book a Carsome Certified car and get RM50 TnG eWallet credit for free when you review our Carsome Experience Center on Google Maps, it’s that easy. However, bear in mind that these promotions will end on 30 April 2022 – so you better hurry!

Still not sure how to go about upgrading your car? To clear your doubts and help you make your decision for a better drive balik kampung, here are some pointers.

List Down Your Lifestyle Needs

Choosing a car should not be done on a whim as you’ll probably end up driving the same car for several years. So, take into account your current lifestyle and future goals. To make it easier for you, jot down your answers to the following questions. 

  • How long do you intend to drive this car? 
  • Do you often go on long-distance drives? 
  • What is your monthly average mileage and what kind of traffic condition do you usually drive in?
  • What is the maximum number of people that you need to fit in your car?
  • Are you planning to have a family in the next few years? If so, how many kids? 
  • What are the safety features that your car must have? 
  • What is the maximum amount of items that you need to fit in your car’s boot?

By doing this, you can narrow down your search by understanding your exact needs for a car. For example, if you are planning to have kids in three years and intend to drive this car for six years, you may want a larger car from the get-go such as a multi-purpose vehicle (MPV)  or a sports utility vehicle (SUV) to fit your family journeys. 

Let’s Budget It Out

Let’s talk money – cars can take up a huge chunk of finances so you’ll need to break down your budget. Here are some quick pointers when setting your budget. 

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  • Add it into your monthly budget: A majority of car buyers will opt for a car loan because of the hefty price tag, which means the loan repayment amount will be added to your monthly financial commitments. So, list down your monthly commitments including your utility bills, general necessities or fees, as well as other loans you may have, and outline if you can sustain the cost. 
  • The 50/30/20 budget method: When it comes to your personal finances, the 50/30/20 budget method is a good rule to follow. This method basically rounds up your needs (which include car payments, utilities, loans) as 50 percent of your monthly income, while 30 percent should be your wants (shopping, dining) and 20 percent goes into your savings. 
  • Affording the down payment: Another factor is the 10 percent down payment you need to pay upfront for the car. If you are trading in your car for a new one, you can offset the overall car costs and also use that cash to pay for the down payment.
  • Your car loan term: When it comes to car loans, you can stretch it up to nine years in Malaysia. However, a longer car loan term means higher interest and your car will depreciate over time so you may be paying more than your car’s worth. So, if you can sustain a shorter loan term, go for it.

Find a Car Type That Suits You

Now that you have your lifestyle needs listed out and your budget, it’s time to choose a car type before you look into car brands. These are the common four types to choose from. 

  • MPV: MPVs are an extremely popular choice for families in Malaysia because of their larger build and spacious interiors. It allows for plenty of storage space, whether in the boot or even under the seats. But with space comes a larger and boxy car build that you’ll need to think about when you take on those corners. Popular MPVs in Malaysia include the Nissan Grand Livina and Perodua Alza
  • Sport Utility Vehicle (SUV): An SUV is also known for its space and there are seven-seater models. However, the main differentiator between an SUV and an MPV is that SUVs are built better for outdoor terrains such as rocky routes or off-road adventures because of their four-wheel drive capabilities. Popular SUVs in Malaysia include the Honda BR-V and Proton X70.

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  • Sedan: Also known as a saloon car, a sedan is one of the most common car models that you’ll see on the road. It is popular for its compact build which typically features two rows of seats that can fit up to five people (including the driver). Sedans also have great fuel economy, as well as relatively good driving performance, safety, and handling features. Additionally, sedans are compact vehicles that can maneuver corners, turns, and parking spaces better than larger car models. However, the boot space is something to consider as it is usually a small space in between the wheelbase – this, of course, depends on the car model. Some sedans may carry great boot space for small families. Popular sedans in Malaysia include Honda City and Perodua Bezza.
  • Hatchback: A hatchback can vary depending on what you’re comparing it to. At times, it can be larger than a sedan. The key difference is that the body build slopes downwards in the front and the back area is lifted for storage space. However, the passenger seats in some models may be relatively small, especially for families with more than two children. Nevertheless, hatchbacks are great as first cars, city cars, and even executive cars. Popular hatchbacks in Malaysia include the Honda Jazz and Perodua MyVi.

Buy a Carsome Certified Car & Enjoy More Savings with Carsome Berkat Aidilfitri

If you have been contemplating upgrading your current car, or buying a car in general, consider buying Carsome Certified cars. Our cars have passed a stringent 175-point check to guarantee their quality and they are also professionally refurbished through our Carsome Certified Refurbishment Process at Carsome Certified Lab to ensure safety beyond standard, complete comfort, and like-new aesthetics.

However, we understand that you might be on the fence about buying a used car which is why Carsome has prioritized giving Malaysians a truly transparent solution when it comes to buying a car with our Carsome Berkat Aidilfitri campaign.

With this campaign, Carsome wants to make car ownership much more affordable for you so you can enjoy a quality drive home when you balik kampung. Here are the two Hari Raya promotions from Carsome.

  • 0% interest for up to a year*: Buy a Carsome Certified car and you can enjoy 0% interest rate for up to one year from Public Bank Berhad, Maybank or Hong Leong Bank.
  • Free RM50 TnG eWallet Credit*: Book a Carsome Certified car, leave your review on your booking process at the Carsome Experience Center that you went to on Google Maps, and you’ll receive RM50 TnG eWallet Credit.

Remember, these promotions end on 30 April 2022 and our quality used cars are getting snagged up fast! So, get that car you’ve been eyeing now and head over to Carsome to browse our largest selection of quality used cars today.

*The Carsome Berkat Aidilfitri offers are subject to terms & conditions.

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