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Mercedes-Benz Edit


Mercedes Benz is a luxury automotive brand that is part of the Mercedes-Benz Group. It is currently the leading luxury carmaker in Malaysia followed closely by its rivals BMW and Audi. They are known for creating the most advanced, luxurious, and performance-oriented vehicles worldwide.

Where are Mercedes-Benz cars made?

Mercedes-Benz cars are mainly made in Germany and imported to other countries worldwide. Mercedez Benz Malaysia opened its own facility to assemble Completely Knocked Down (CKD) Mercedes-Benz cars in its Pekan Production Plant in Pahang. 

Are used Mercedes-Benz cars reliable?

In the 2019 Reliability Index report, Mercedes placed 30 out of 40 manufacturers in the listings and scored 173, which was considered average. The ranking takes into account the number of problems owners experienced over the 12 months prior to the report. 

Are Mercedes-Benz cars expensive to maintain?

The cost of a Mercedes Star Care Maintenance Package according to Mercedes’ website ranges from RM2,788* for a two-service plan for A-, B-, CLA, and GLA Class vehicles to RM20,988* for the priciest six-service plan with wear and tear component replacement for a Mercedes-Benz S-Class. The maintenance cost can also vary with additional repairs.

*Estimates are based on service repairs without major engine or gearbox overhauls.

What is the depreciation rate of a Mercedes?

Road tax is calculated based on the engine cc of the engine. The road tax for a Mercedes-Benz A-Class 1.3 (1332cc) is RM70, while the fee for a Mercedes-Benz AMG C-Class Coupe 6.2 (6208cc) costs RM16,566.

How much is the depreciation rate for a Mercedes-Benz?

After three years, a Mercedes-Benz depreciates between 26 and 34 percent of its original sales price. After five years, it depreciates between 45 and 54 percent of the original price. However, this varies based on factors such as the car’s condition and mileage. 

Is insurance expensive for a used Mercedes?

The insurance rate is calculated based on the market price of your car, coverage type, location, engine capacity, and your No Claims Discount. A pre-owned Mercedes-Benz A-Class 1.3 (1332cc) in Peninsula Malaysia without an NCD will cost roughly RM3,000 yearly, compared to a new model at RM6,173.

Where can you repair or service a Mercedes-Benz car in Malaysia?

You can repair a Mercedes-Benz car at these dealerships throughout Malaysia.

Where can you find spare parts for Mercedes-Benz cars in Malaysia?

Authorized service partners in Malaysia use Mercedes-Benz Genuine Parts in accordance with the manufacturer's specifications.

What is the depreciation rate of a Mercedes?

Mercedes-Benz C-Class is one of the bestselling models in Malaysia and recorded an average depreciation rate of around 40 percent in the first three years of ownership.

What are the safety features of Mercedes-Benz cars? 

Some of the notable safety features that can be seen in Mercedes-Benz cars include Attention Assist, Active Distance Assist DISTRONIC, Adaptive Braking Technology, and Active Blind Spot Assist.

What is Mercedes-Benz AMG?

AMG is the performance division of Mercedes-Benz that produces performance vehicles. It is named after prominent former engineers from the brand: Hans Werner Aufrecht and Erhard Melchershort. AMG stands for Aufecht, Melcher, and Großaspach (Aufrecht's birth town). This division creates vehicles with advanced, high-performance engines, sporty tuning, and more aggressive styling.

What is Mercedes-Benz COMAND?

COMAND refers to the Cockpit Management and Data System. It is a combined command and control center for all audio, telematics, as well as telecommunications functions while having its own dedicated flat display screen.

What is the most affordable Mercedes-Benz range in Malaysia? 

The Mercedes Benz A-Class is the most affordable Mercedes-Benz car model in Malaysia. It is priced from RM220,459 to RM243,858 new. 

What does the Mercedes-Benz C-Class stand for? 

Mercedes-Benz C-Class is Mercedes' compact executive luxury line which includes coupes, cabriolets, sedans, and estates.