Who We Are

Carsome is Southeast Asia’s largest integrated car e-commerce platform

With presence across Malaysia, Indonesia, Thailand and Singapore, we aim to digitalize the region’s used car industry by reshaping and elevating the car buying and selling experience.

Carsome provides end-to-end solutions to consumers and used car dealers, from car inspection to ownership transfer to financing, promising a service that is trusted, convenient and efficient.

Founded in 2015, Carsome currently transacts an annualized 100,000 cars totalling more than US$800 million in transacted value.

Cars lined up with Carsome’s submark

Our Vision

To drive Southeast Asia’s automotive industry forward in the used car ecosystem

What We Do

Happy customer showing thumbs up from the frontseat of a car

We first started as a used car selling platform where we help customers sell their used cars through a trusted, convenient and fast process.

This simple process starts with booking an appointment online. Our extensive 175-point inspection process is free and takes only 30 minutes at a Carsome Inspection Center.

Our highly-trained inspectors are well-equipped to provide a complete car condition report before an on-the-spot offer is given. Alternatively, customers can proceed with bidding where our network of dealers will have the chance to place a bid. After the sale is confirmed, all paperwork will be handled by us.

From car inspection, ownership transfer, to easy financing, selling a car becomes hassle-free. Carsome eliminates the pain points in the traditional used car selling process, offering effective solutions to consumers and used car dealers.

Founders holding carsome buy car signages with a car wrapped in blue ribbon in between
Currently in its pilot phase, this service has been launched in Malaysia, but is making its way across other major cities within the Southeast Asia region very soon.

In August 2020, we launched The New Way of Buying Cars, a brand new service that offers consumers a seamless car buying experience.

Enter www.carsome.my, click on the Buy Car tab, and consumers can browse for their dream cars to fit their lifestyle. All Carsome Certified cars have a 360-degree view of the car’s interior and exterior, a list of the current imperfections, professional reconditioning report, as well as an all-inclusive price. Booking a test drive can be easily done anytime and anywhere on the website.

To give consumers quality and peace of mind, all Carsome Certified cars come with the Carsome Promise, which includes a five-day money-back guarantee, a professional 175-point car inspection, a one-year warranty, and fixed price with no hidden fees.

Carsome is currently in:

Malaysia | Indonesia | Thailand | Singapore

Across 50+ Carsome centers and 50+ cities

  • 8,000+ dealers
  • 100,000 cars sold annually
  • 4,400,000 total bids
  • US$800mil annualised transacted value

Our Journey

  1. 2015
    • Carsome was founded in Malaysia with US$350,000 seed funding.
  2. 2016
    • Carsome Singapore commenced business.
    • Raised US$2million in Series A funding.
    • Passed the mark of 1,000 cars transacted annually.
  3. 2017
    • Carsome expanded to Indonesia and Thailand.
    • Raised US$6million in Series A2 funding.
  4. 2018
    • Raised US$19 million in Series B and US$8 million in Series B2 funding.
    • Passed the mark of 10,000 cars transacted annually.
    • Awarded the ‘Startup of the Year’ by the Malaysian Rice Bowl Startup Awards.
  5. 2019
    • Established Carsome Capital.
    • Announced partnership with Funding Societies Malaysia.
    • Raised US$50 million in Series C funding.
    • Passed the mark of 40,000 cars transacted annually.
  6. 2020
    • Announced partnership with CIMB Bank Berhad.

Ready to Start?

Whether it’s selling your used car, or buying your next new ride, we can do it all.