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Lexus Edit


Lexus is Toyota’s luxury vehicle brand that was launched in 1989. It is Japan’s largest premium carmaker and has a large international presence. Lexus is well known for producing cars with excellent comfort and ergonomics while still offering exciting performance. Some popular Lexus models in Malaysia include the Lexus ES250, UX 200 Urban, and NX 250 Luxury.

Where are Lexus cars made?

Lexus cars are mainly made in Japan, where it is headquartered in, and exported to other countries worldwide. However, UMW Toyota also assembles Lexus vehicles at its manufacturing plant in Selangor.

Are used Lexus cars reliable?

According to the RepairPal Reliability Rating, Lexus has a reliability rating of 4.0 out of 5.0. This puts Lexus in the seventh-place out of 32 car brands in the rating which is based on an average scoring across 345 unique models. Based on the ratings, Lexus cars visit the workshop for repairs on an average of 0.5 times a year with an eight percent probability of the repairs being severe.

Are Lexus cars expensive to maintain?

All Lexus vehicles in Malaysia come with a five-year, unlimited mileage warranty. Lexus hybrid batteries also have an 8-Years Assurance Certificate which is applicable to its hybrid vehicles manufactured and sold from 2015 onwards. This assurance covers the rectification needed to fix defects in the hybrid battery. Maintenance costs range from RM600 to RM4,000 based on the model and the severity of the repair work.

*Estimates are based on service repairs without major engine or gearbox overhauls.

How much is the road tax for a Lexus?

The road tax for a Lexus depends on the engine displacement in cubic centimeters (cc). The road tax for a Lexus ES 250 Premium (2,487 cc) costs RM867 while the road tax for a Lexus UX 200 (1,987 cc) costs RM434.

What is the depreciation rate of a Lexus?

Lexus vehicles recorded an average depreciation of 34 percent in the first three years of ownership which is impressive considering that Lexus is a luxury brand. After five years, a Lexus depreciates at an average rate of 45 percent. However, this varies based on various factors such as the car’s condition and mileage.

Is insurance expensive for a used Lexus?

The insurance rate is calculated based on the market price of your car, coverage type, location, engine capacity, and your No Claims Discount (NCD). A new Lexus UX 200 Urban (1,987 cc) in Peninsular Malaysia with zero percent NCD will cost about RM6,480 to insure, while a used three-year-old one would cost about RM4,655 to insure.

*Based on estimations of used and new car prices.

Where can you repair or service a Lexus in Malaysia?

You can find Lexus dealers and service centers around Malaysia that offer services from regular maintenance to major repairs. Find out more here.

Where can you find spare parts for a Lexus in Malaysia?

You can find genuine Lexus parts at Lexus service centers around Malaysia.

What are the safety features of Lexus cars?

Lexus vehicles are equipped with various passive and active safety features including eight airbags, Adaptive High-Beam System (AHS), Blind Spot Monitor, Lane Tracing Assist (LTA), as well Dynamic Radar Cruise Control (DRCC) with Stop and Go Function.

What is the most affordable Lexus car in Malaysia? 

The most affordable Lexus model in Malaysia is the UX 200 Urban, priced from RM237,191 followed by the UX 200 Luxury, priced from RM275,746, and the ES 250, priced from RM295,663.