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Perodua & Alza Edit

Perodua Alza Overview

The Perodua Alza is a B-segment multi-purpose vehicle (MPV) that isn’t really comparable to other cars. It’s a compact seven-seater that sits low and drives like a sedan yet has the practicality of an MPV when it comes to transporting people. It’s also priced very competitively making it a very cost-efficient car for what it offers.

General Information

Perodua Alza Variants

There are four variants of the Perodua Alza in Malaysia; the 1.5 S (Manual), 1.5 S (Auto), 1.5 SE (Auto), and 1.5 AV (Auto).

Perodua Alza Pricing

The price of a new Perodua Alza starts from RM49,944 for the 1.5 S (Manual), RM52,661 for the 1.5 S (Auto), RM55,186 for the 1.5 SE, and RM60,525 for the 1.5 AV.

Colors Available

There are five colors available on the Perodua Alza. Ivory White Solid, Electric Blue Metallic, Mystical Purple Metallic, and Glittering Silver Metallic are available on all variants while Granite Grey Metallic is only available on the SE and AV variants.

Perodua Alza Basic Features


The Perodua Alza has a basic interior that’s reflective of its price. It has hard plastic trim all around though there are some piano black finishes on the infotainment unit and center console. The 1.5 S and 1.5 SE variants have fabric seats while the range-topping 1.5 AV has leather seats and enhanced cooling. All variants have a monotone odometer with white lighting, leather-wrapped steering wheel with silver-painted bezels and audio switches, eight cup holders, 50:50 foldable, reclining, and sliding second row seats as well as 50:50 foldable third row seats. The Alza 1.5 SE and AV variants have a front center armrest with storage compartment not found on the 1.5 S.


The Perodua Alza features projector headlamps with clear signal lens, front fog lamps, rear spoiler, rear wiper, and rear combination lamps. While the 1.5 S variant has regular front, rear, and side skirtings, the 1.5 SE and AV have two-toned finish side skirtings as well as front and rear bumpers which are integrated with the bumper. Also, the 1.5 S has standard black painted back door garnish while the 1.5 SE and AV have a chrome and black combination finish.

Cabin Space

The Perodua Also 1.5 S and SE measure 4,435 mm long, 1,695 mm wide, and 1,620 mm tall. The 1.5 AV variant is slightly shorter length-wise with a 4,220 mm length. The interior cabin space, however, is identical between the variants measuring 2,540 mm long, 1,415 mm wide, and 1,310 mm tall. With the third row seats up, the boot can only fit 83-liters. However, it’s expandable thanks to the foldable second and third row seats.

Infotainment system

The 1.5 S and SE variants only have a standard audio system with USB and Bluetooth support while the range-topping 1.5 AV has a multimedia touchscreen system with navigation (with parking guidelines) and Smart Link for Android. The AV also has a roof-mounted monitor for passengers to enjoy their favorite shows. There are four speakers in the Alza which is standard across all variants.

Perodua Alza Driving Performance 

All variants of the Perodua Alza have a 1.5L 4-cylinder engine with electronic fuel injection (EFI) and Dual Variable Valve Timing (DVVT). It produces a max power of 104 PS at 6,000 rpm and a max torque of 136 Nm at 4,400 rpm. The fuel consumption for the manual variant is 6.45 L/100 km while the automatic variants have a fuel consumption of 7.8 L/100 km. The fuel tank capacity is 42-liters which is comparable to other B-segment cars.

Perodua Alza Safety Features

The Perodua Alza has somewhat basic safety features giving it a decent 4-Star ASEAN NCAP Safety Rating. It has dual SRS airbags, Anti-lock Braking System (ABS), Electronic Brake Distribution (EBD), Brake Assist (BA), Pedal Intrusion Reduction Mechanism, front corner sensors, ISOFIX, solar and security window film, and a collapsible steering shaft mechanism. 

The Perodua may be a basic car with a dated platform and features. However, it still punches above its weight considering that it’s a seven-seater that can be had for below RM60,000.

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