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Carsome Certified Lab: Here’s How Carsome Refurbishes Pre-owned Cars

When you buy a Carsome Certified car, you can expect it to be refurbished with safety beyond standards, complete comfort, and refurbished aesthetics.

This is because every Carsome Certified car is thoroughly inspected before being refurbished and professionally detailed at our Carsome Certified Lab.

What is the Carsome Certified Lab?

The Carsome Certified Lab is Southeast Asia’s largest, state-of-the-art car refurbishment facility, covering 180,000 square feet with a capacity to refurbish up to 2,000 cars per month. Our highly skilled technicians and specialists are able to work on up to 30 of the most popular car brands in Southeast Asia.

The Carsome Certified Lab in Malaysia

With the standards set out in the Carsome Certified Lab, known as the Carsome Certified Refurbishment Process,  we apply strict quality control on  each car from start to finish.  In addition, it is backed by our skilled and qualified technicians who know the cars inside and out, refurbishing them to be of the best quality.  You can be assured that every Carsome Certified car is mechanically sound as well as looking sharp.

carsome certified lab

Let’s take a look behind the scenes to see how we achieved the new standard when it comes to pre-owned cars.

Carsome’s 175-point Inspection

Every Carsome Certified car undergoes our stringent 175-point inspection to ensure it is free from major accident, frame, flood or fire damage. This starting point is our most crucial because Carsome Certified cars are like one in a hundred,  only the ones with the best conditions are selected to go through our Carsome Certified Lab.

The inspection covers every aspect of the car, from its chassis and undercarriage, to the engine and gearbox, right down to the car’s electrics and interior. It also includes a short road test to determine the car’s operating condition.

You can trust that every Carsome Certified car has been tested inside and out to guarantee its condition, even before it is refurbished.

Refurbishment at Carsome Certified Lab

After the 175-point inspection is complete, the car then arrives at our Carsome Certified Lab, where the Carsome Certified Refurbishment Process begins.

At Carsome, we believe obsessively in quality at the highest level. Thus, we’ve created an end-to-end refurbishment process that combines data and technology, automotive know-how, and skilled and experienced technicians to raise the bar of quality for pre-owned cars.

Rigorous quality checks are carried out throughout the process, with continuous improvement (kaizen) methods in place – all in the service of refurbishing cars to perfection. This defines the new standard in the pre-owned car industry to deliver complete peace of mind to our customers.

Upon arrival at the Carsome Certified Lab, our consultant will inspect the car once more to plan the car’s refurbishment at the inspection area.

Here are just some of the areas the Carsome Certified Refurbishment Process will work on.

  • Mechanical & General Repairs
Onboard diagnostic scanner (OBD) Detect, diagnose and service so that key safety features (anti-lock brakes, electronic stability control, etc.) are functioning at an optimum level.
Replacement of lubricants This is to prolong the service life of the car’s parts.
Tire servicing Including wheel alignment and balancing, as well as maintaining tire treads above global safety standards.
Brake servicing Ensuring brakes are working properly, and brake pad thickness is above global safety standards.
Electronics servicing Replacement of reverse camera, proximity sensors, or onboard GPS (if damaged).
Wiper replacement To ensure optimal visibility when driving in the rain.
Windshield replacement Replacement if cracked, as any minor damage can make it more prone to shattering.
  • Body & Paint
Body panel repair If the car has any dents, it will first go through body panel repair.
Surface preparation Once all dings and dents have been repaired, it will undergo surface preparation such as putty, sanding and masking.
Body respray We respray with OEM-manufactured paints. The paint is mixed right in our Carsome Certified Lab in the paint mixing room.
Polishing We polish with a three-step high performance paint correction and layering with protection wax to make the surface smooth and mirror-like.
  • Professional Detailing 

Once the mechanical and bodywork refurbishment is complete, it is time for the car to be professionally detailed by the Carsome Certified Lab team.

This is where the car is given its shine, without which it just isn’t a Carsome Certified car. Our detailing process involves:

Detailed car wash We wash the exterior as well as the engine compartment to make sure the car is clean throughout.
Interior cleaning We sanitize the interior and touch up imperfections (if needed).
Seat refurbishment The seat covers are also repaired and cleaned if required.

You can be sure that every car that passes through our Carsome Certified Lab will come out looking as great, both inside and out.

Carsome Certified is Peace of Mind 

Every Carsome Certified car has fixed prices without any hidden fees as it includes the road tax, Puspakom inspection fee, ownership transfer fee and loan application fee. Our Carsome Certified cars are pre-owned cars that have been selected carefully to offer the best in quality, confidence, convenience, and selection.

Additionally, every Carsome Certified car is listed with the full inspection report online, close-up pictures, and even a 360-degree view on selected cars.

Meanwhile, our commitment to you does not stop after you take the keys to your car. We’re confident in every Carsome Certified car, and that’s why they come with:

  • A five-day money-back guarantee: If you change your mind, you can return it within 5 days for a full  refund. No questions asked!
  • A one-year warranty: We have utmost confidence in our Carsome Certified cars and will give you an extended warranty of up to one year.

Visit carsome.my now to find your dream car!

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