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International Modified (IAM) and Malaysia International Motor Expo (MIME) 2023 Join Forces Under One Roof.

If you haven’t been to a car exhibition before, you should check out International Automodified (IAM) and Malaysia International Motor Expo (MIME) 2023 which was held at MiTEC from 27th to 29th October. 

Unlike other car exhibitions held in Malaysia, MIME 2023 fully celebrates the diversity of custom cars from JDM, muscle cars, local heroes, and mint classics, all in one hall. 

For this year, MIME and IAM have added an electrifying twist of showcasing recond and brand new electric cars to the Malaysian market. 

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What Kind of Car Show is MIME 2023 And What Can I Expect to See?

Anything that runs on four wheels with your own flair to it is welcome to MIME 2023. Here’s what they had in store:

Recond Cars and Brand New EVs

Malaysia Auto Show, MIME 2023Ever wondered how some models never sold in Malaysia are being driven and for sale in the country? Enter the world of recon cars. These gray market import cars are bought by dealerships that have been refurbished before they go on sale. 

Malaysia Auto Show, MIME 2023Here’s your chance to get a Honda S660 or a Honda N-One in Malaysia.

The cars brought in are usually no more than five years old to comply with our import regulations and depending on make and model may be cheaper or more expensive. It’s how some owners can get Vellfires or Toyota GT86s here for cheap.

Classic Restoration and Custom Sports Cars

Malaysia Auto Show, MIME 2023JPM Museo, one of the main car show exhibitors brought a few unique cars to display, notably a G-Wagen, a Suzuki Jimny with a Liberty Walk body kit, a rare Lamborghini Countach, and an immaculate Benz Patent Motorwagen, the first automobile ever made.

Malaysia Auto Show, MIME 2023Although this is a replica, it’s cool to imagine how far our technology has progressed from here. 

In addition, JPM Museo has much more to offer at its main headquarters at Kota Damansara. Be sure to check out their museum and their tours!

Other exhibits include a diverse culture of cars ranging from Japanese Domestic Market (JDM), Euro, and local cars. 

Malaysia Auto Show, MIME 2023Alexa, play Riders of the Storm by Snoop Dogg ft The Doors.

More on that, IAM will be handing out awards for the best-displayed vehicles split into nine categories from best custom engine job to body color. 

Malaysia Auto Show, MIME 2023Look at the size of these individual throttle bodies

Super and Exotic Sports Cars

Malaysia Auto Show, MIME 2023A row full of Nissan GTRs donning Liberty Walk Custom Body Kits and paint jobs. 

If souped-up Civics and old Nissans aren’t your thing, there are rows after rows of modified supercars at the car show. 

Yes, some people do modify the already-fast supercars on our roads. Lamborghini Aventadors, Huracans, and Nissan GTRs are the main staples when it comes to custom super and exotic cars. 

Custom 4×4 and Off-roading Vehicles for Camping

At the extreme end of this exhibition, you’ve got a growing trend of off-roading enthusiasts using pickup trucks like the Nissan Navara, Triton, and Hilux for the thrills. 

These modifications include lift-up kits, solar panels, and some even with a shower system and kitchenette. Essentially, you got yourself a mobile camp ready for the jungle.

If you’re looking to kit out your truck like this, there are many specialized workshops around Malaysia that can do it for you. 

Test Drive The Latest Electric Cars on the Block

We joke about electric cars essentially being just one big remote control (RC) car but truth be told, the torque and acceleration are not to be trifled with. 

Getting behind the wheel of an electric car is a unique experience and if you have never driven one before, MIME has plenty of models for you to test drive at the car show.

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Exciting Activities Held By Other Aftermarket Exhibitors

MIME 2023 isn’t just a car show to showcase anything on four wheels. There are plenty of booths from companies producing performance and aftermarket car parts. 

From a humble air freshener to large turbos and six-pot brakes, you have everything under one roof to spice up your car’s performance.

Malaysia Auto Show, MIME 2023Humble bragging about this author’s achievement to making it in the top 10 list. 

There’s also a race simulator setup to see who’s the fastest driver in the group set up by Race Room and available for everyone to try. This author spent RM20 for a lap on a driving simulator set worth supposedly RM100,000! 

Malaysia Auto Show, MIME 2023The aftermarket brakes on display are totally the main focus of this image.

What’s Next In Store for International Modified (IAM)?

Last October marked the first stop for IAM, Jakarta is next on the itinerary from December 2nd to 3rd, 2023 after wrapping up Malaysia. The last stop for IAM will be held in Bangkok Thailand, which is scheduled on December 9th to 10th, 2023. 

To kick things up a notch, IAM plans to make its debut in the United States in the summer of 2024! 

IAM and MIME car exhibitions serve as a platform for car enthusiasts who are interested in the culture, industry, and automotive world. Whether you are a fan of new, old, Japanese, European, local, or imported cars, there’s something for everyone at MIME. 

Events like this not only celebrate the melting pot of car culture in Malaysia but also foster innovation and a sense of community among (well-behaved) car enthusiasts. 

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Here’s to more vibrant and exciting car shows for 2024 next year! Check out our coverage of this year’s Tokyo Auto Salon in Malaysia too! 


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