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How to Maintain Your EV’s Battery in Malaysia’s Climate

The increasing amount of EVs on our roads in Malaysia is a good sign of our country shifting towards a carbon-negative future. However, for EV owners in Malaysia, one such concern for these cars is – how well can they hold up against our weather. 

In tropical countries where it’s always sunny in Malaysia, these climate conditions can accelerate the degradation of the battery. To avoid forking out a hefty replacement, here are some protective measures for EV owners in Malaysia. 

Protect Your EV Car in Malaysia by Parking Under a Shade

Park your EV Car under a shade Whenever possible, park your EV in shaded areas or covered parking spaces. This helps to prevent direct exposure to harsh sunlight and keeps the battery cooler. 

When a battery is exposed to heat for prolonged periods, the battery acid and other liquid chemicals inside will evaporate. These acids and chemicals are vital in the flow of supplying electricity to your EV. 

In addition, if the battery is overheated this will lead to internal corrosion and cannibalize the lifespan of your EV’s battery pack. Try parking your car under a shade, a tree, or an underground parking if possible. 

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Practice Proper Charging Habits for Your EV Car in Malaysia

For brand-new EV owners in Malaysia, there are two types of charging currents in Malaysia – Alternative Current (AC) and Direct Current (DC). 

Charging with Alternative Current (AC)

Charging EV Cars AC ChargingAC charging is a slow and steady process to recharge your EV cars when not in use. These can be done anywhere as long as there is a three-pin socket available. On average, it will take a whole night to charge your EV parked at home. 

Charging with Direct Current (DC)

Charging EV Cars DC ChargingOn the other hand, DC charging is a fast and often, premium option commonly found at dedicated charging stations. Charging times via a DC charging station for your EV may take from 20 minutes to one hour. The caveat of DC charging is it generates plenty of heat that can stress the battery. 

While fast charging is convenient, try to opt for regular charging or limit fast charging to only when necessary and in emergencies. 

Avoid Depleting or Fully Charging Your EV Car’s Battery 

Preserving EV car battery in Malaysia.This advice may sound counterintuitive but there is a very good reason for it – Lithium-ion batteries have to work harder to expel and regain additional energy the closer it gets to depletion. This is known as a deep discharge or drain. The harder the battery has to work, the shorter the lifespan it will have, just like us humans. 

Conversely, keeping your EV battery around 80% capacity leaves some room to store energy from regenerative braking while on the road. 

With these proper practices, these tips will help your EV’s battery to last for a long time, even in countries with a harsh climate like Malaysia. If you think you’re ready to be an EV owner in Malaysia, come browse the all-new Ora Good Cat in our inventory! Contrarily, if you think owning an EV in Malaysia is too much of a hassle, you can always sell it to us


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