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Ora Good Cat: Why It’s One of the Most Important EVs in Malaysia

More Malaysians are starting to adopt EVs (electric vehicles) thanks to government tax incentives and the variety of cars we now have in the EV market. And one of the key EVs in Malaysia driving this adoption is none other than the Ora Good Cat. Launched in November 2022, the Ora Good Cat is one of the more affordable EVs in the market, starting at RM140,000. 

While it offers excellent value for money at its price point, it’s actually more than just a good car. The Ora Good Cat is important for Malaysia’s EV industry, and we’ll dive into why below.

More than a Stylish Compact Car

At first glance, the Ora Good Cat looks like a cuter MINI car with its soft curves, large round LED headlights, and vibrant colors. It also has some Porsche-inspired design cues in its front fascia and especially the wheels which are reminiscent of Porsche’s five-spoke Fuchs wheels though with a distinct twist. At the rear, the Good Cat has its brake light bar and turn signal lights integrated into the rear windshield giving it a futuristic, clean look. 

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Vibrant, Practical Interior

Moving inside, you immediately notice what a unique car the Ora Good Cat is. For starters, it has two options of two-tone interior colors: Green-Grey and Beige-Brown, and an all-black interior option. The high-touch areas are covered with quality soft-touch material, giving the cabin an upmarket feel.

The multi-information display (MID) and infotainment touchscreen are mounted as one continuous unit for a total size of 17.25 inches – a design choice also used by luxury carmakers including BMW and Mercedes-Benz. Although Ora went for a more minimalist layout for this car, it still included some physical switches for the aircon controls to not sacrifice practicality. 

For sunroof lovers, the Ora Good Cat has a large one that lets in plenty of light making the cabin feel even roomier and airier. Overall, its interior is very spacious and welcoming making it feel like a larger car although it’s only slightly larger than a Perodua Myvi.

Ora Good Cat Interior Driver's Side

An EV That’s Easy to Adapt To

The Ora Good Cat is not the most high-performing EV in Malaysia, nor is it the most upmarket but it certainly has everything you need making it a Goldilocks package that hits the sweet spot. It’s affordable, comfortable, spacious, stylish, and has an excellent driving range of 400km on the lower-spec 400 PRO or 500km on the 500 ULTRA variant. 

Its 143PS of power and 210Nm of torque is more than enough for any sensible city and highway driving, while its 250L boot can be expanded to 858L when you fold the rear seats down. Overall, these combine to make the Ora Good Cat an EV that’s very easy for any ICE (internal combustion engine) car owner to adapt to. In fact, it’s probably equally as good as a Myvi in terms of practicality and ease of use, but with much better overall quality.

Ora Good Cat Cargo

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No More EV Range Anxiety?

Most people won’t have range anxiety with the Ora Good Cat thanks to its long driving range. You can choose to charge it weekly, just like you would refuel a regular car but why do that when you can charge it overnight at home? If you’re going on a road trip to most parts of the country, the battery can probably even last you the whole drive to your destination. That said, charging it on the way is getting easier as more public charging stations are deployed along our highways.

Ora Good Cat Taillight

Why It’s Important

The Ora Good Cat is not the first EV in Malaysia in this size segment but it offers all the important elements Malaysians want in a car. It’s good value, fun to drive around town, easy to get used to, and has excellent range, unlike other entry-level EVs. In short, it’s the most accessible EV that is just as easy to live with as a regular ICE car. 

Compared to the luxury electric cars from BMW, Porsche, or Tesla, the Ora Good Cat is attainable for many Malaysians. And that accessibility is likely what will speed up the adoption of EVs and the development of charging infrastructure in the country.

So, do you have your eyes on the Ora Good Cat or is the EV lifestyle not viable for you yet? If you still need a regular petrol car for your daily commute, check out CARSOME for quality pre-owned cars or download our app today.

This article was adapted from a video by Carlist.my: We Were Waiting For The Ora Good Cat – Here’s Why.

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