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Selling Your Car? Here’s How to Transfer Car Ownership in Malaysia at JPJ & Online

So you’ve decided to sell your car and upgrade it to something that better suits your needs. Most often, when you sell it to a used car dealer or a platform like CARSOME, we’ll take care of all the necessary processes including transferring the car’s ownership. 

But how do you do it if you sell to an individual buyer or gift it to a family member? You might be surprised but transferring your car ownership in Malaysia is pretty straightforward. 

Here’s how you do it.

1. Pay Off Your Car Loan

Firstly, if you still have an active car loan with the bank, you’ll need to settle it. However, if the remaining balance of your loan is a lot, you can have the buyer apply for their bank loan, and get their bank to settle the loan with your bank. If this amount is not enough to pay off your loan, do note that you’ll still need to use your cash to settle it.

2. Take Your Car to Puspakom for Inspection

Another step you have to take before transferring your car ownership in Malaysia is to take it to Puspakom for an inspection. Make sure you make an appointment on the MyPuspakom website to avoid being turned away by them. Besides inspecting Puspakom, you can also set an appointment for a mobile inspection where they’ll come to your house to do it.

Remember to bring your MyKad and original vehicle ownership certificate (VOC) or car grant. At Puspakom, there are several types of forms you’ll need to fill up before you can transfer the ownership of your car. Here they are.

  • B5: This form is for cars that have been fully paid off, and is required if the buyer (new owner) is buying the car in cash. You can learn all about the Puspakom B5 report here.
  • B7: If the buyer is buying the car with a bank loan, the B7 form is required in addition to B5.
  • B2: This form needs to be filled up if your car’s road tax has expired for over a year. The B2 form is also required if the registered vehicle owner is deceased or living overseas.

Once the inspection is over, an officer will issue you a report for each form that you filled out. You’ll need to bring all these reports to the Road Transport Department (JPJ) to complete the car ownership transfer. If you’re transferring ownership of a motorcycle instead, you don’t need a Puspakom inspection and can head straight to JPJ for the ownership transfer.

3. Seller (Registered Owner) Heads to JPJ

Finally, you can head to the nearest JPJ office to finalize your car ownership transfer. Here’s everything you need to prepare beforehand.

  • Your MyKad;
  • Original VOC or car grant;
  • Full details of the new owner including full name, MyKad number, and address.

Once at JPJ, you’ll need to fill in the JPJK3 form with both your and the new owner’s details. At the counter, you’ll need to submit all the required documents including the filled JPJK3 form, and do a biometric authentication (with your thumbprint) to complete the process on your part. The JPJ officer will issue you a confirmation slip which you need to hand over to the new owner for them to complete the car ownership transfer.

You can also download the JPJK3 form online here.

But what happens if you need to transfer ownership of a vehicle from a deceased owner such as a family member? Check out this guide to know more.

Example of the JPJK3 form

Example of the JPJK3 form

4. Buyer (New Owner) Completes the Ownership Transfer at JPJ

While you can head to JPJ together with the new owner on the same day, you can also pass them the ownership transfer confirmation slip and have them complete the transfer on their own time. If both of you live in different states or can’t meet up, you can pass a digital copy of the confirmation slip (scanned or photographed) to the new owner. Just make sure that the copy is clear.

Next, the new owner needs to bring along their MyKad and a copy of the ownership transfer confirmation slip to their nearest JPJ. They should renew the insurance of the car beforehand as it will be canceled after you (the seller) have completed your part at JPJ.

At JPJ, once the new owner has filled in their JPJK3 form and completed the biometric authentication, they can renew the car’s road tax and collect the new VOC from JPJ.

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How to Do the Vehicle Ownership Transfer Online

Besides going to JPJ, car owners in Malaysia can transfer their car ownership online by visiting JPJ’s MySikap portal. MySikap allows you to complete several JPJ transactions without visiting JPJ such as the ones below.

  • Renew and cancel your road tax;
  • Voluntary transfer of car ownership or cancel your vehicle registration;
  • Renew your driving license and appeal for an expired license;
  • Convert a foreign, army, or police license to a regular driving license;
  • Update your address or add more classes (B, D, etc.) to your license;
  • Check and pay for summons;
  • Check your vehicle blacklist or seizure status.

Before using MySikap, you need to obtain a reference number from your nearest JPJ to use during your first login. Once you can successfully log in to the portal, follow these steps to transfer your car ownership online.

Car Buyer and Seller

Online Car Ownership Transfer for Registered Owner (Seller)

  1. Log in to MySikap and select KENDERAAN on the homepage;
  3. Enter the required information which includes your vehicle’s number plate, name, and email address, as well as the new owner’s name and email address.
  4. Submit your application and save or print the confirmation slip.

Online Car Ownership Transfer for New Owner (Buyer)

The process for the new owner is similar to the above with some minor differences. 

  1. Log in to MySikap and select KENDERAAN on the homepage;
  3. Enter the vehicle’s number plate and click next;
  4. Fill in the required information on the Vehicle Declaration page (Pengisytiharan Kenderaan);
  5. Complete the payment to complete the transaction;
  6. Print out the confirmation slip and take it to the nearest JPJ office to collect the new VOC.

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Sell Your Car to CARSOME for a Hassle-Free Process

We hope this guide will help you with your car ownership transfer in the future. However, if you’d prefer a hassle-free process from start to finish, just sell your car to CARSOME.

From inspection to payment, CARSOME’s one-stop service provides you with a fast and hassle-free process which includes:

  • Free inspection. This takes only 30 minutes and includes a short road test;
  • Fair and transparent pricing according to market value;
  • Fast payment once the selling process is finished;
  • Paperwork handled for you, including all legal documents and ownership transfer;
  • If you don’t like our offer, you can even opt for live bidding through our network of over 2,000 verified used car dealers.

So what are you waiting for? Book your free inspection with CARSOME today!

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