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Goodyear Tyres – A Brief 120 Year History

The Goodyear Tyre & Rubber Company is probably one of the world’s most recognisable American brands. Founded by Frank Seiberling in 1898 and named after Charles Goodyear, inventor of vulcanised rubber, the company today makes tyres for various vehicle types including automobiles, trucks, motorcycles, SUVs, race cars, aeroplanes and more.


Goodyear’s innovation heritage dates back to the tyres on the Ford Model T, the first mass-produced car in 1908, the first pneumatic aviation tyres in 1909 and the first tyres on the moon with NASA astronauts in 1971. But it wasn’t just tyres for cars. After introducing the first aviation tyres, the brand expanded to create the first retreadable aircraft tyres in 1927. By the 1980s, Goodyear launched the first FAA-approved radial tyres for commercial aircraft.

When it comes to Formula 1, Goodyear is also the most dominant in the sports’ history – with more starts, wins, and constructors’ championships than any other tyre supplier.


What about today? In its commitment to product responsibility and sustainability, the brand has established its first commercial use of a new soybean oil-based rubber compound. The tread compound using soybean oil is a naturally derived, cost-effective, carbon-neutral and renewable. This new approach also keeps the rubber compound pliable in changing temperatures, which is an achievement in maintaining and enhancing the vehicle’s grip on the road surface.


Similarly, Goodyear has also began using silica derived from rice husk ash (which is environmentally-friendly and a cost-effective alternative to the chemical compound) to enhance traction and treadwear in selected consumer tyres.


What’s next?

At present, the brand’s sensor-equipped intelligent tyres can continuously measure and record vital data that allows fleet operators to manage tyre services. With a future focus on tyres with a 360-degree experience for consumers and higher levels of autonomy, the brand demonstrated their latest prototype at this year’s Geneva Motor Show.



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