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It Only Takes Five Steps To Sell Your Car As An Expatriate in Malaysia

Sell car online to CARSOME as an expat in Malaysia

Moving from one country to another is a monumental task, especially if said country is halfway across the world. 

One of the few major pieces of the puzzle to unpack before you leave for home is how to sell off the car that you bought in Malaysia. 

Selling the car online may be a quick way to dispose of it as quickly as possible, but there are risks of getting scammed and a hassle to deal with in terms of paperwork. 

If you’re stuck trying to sell your car on your own, CARSOME now has a program for expatriates to sell their cars to us to make this an easy process!

To make this easy, we spoke to a CARSOME Consultant, our head of inspection, the head of the seller operation, and an expat to document the experience. 

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Before You Sell Your Car To Us In Malaysia…

Settle all your car loans before you sell car online

Before we explain the process of selling a car to us, we must first establish that the loan for the car is all paid off and there is no outstanding summons with the traffic police. 

If you’re not sure where to check your summons, you can do a quick search via the Jabatan Pengangkutan Jalan portal (JPJ) here.

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Only Five Simple Steps To Sell Your Car As An Expat

The Following Documents are Needed When Selling Your Car:

  • A valid copy of your passport or permanent residence card
  • Original Vehicle Registration Card/grant
  • Vehicle’s original and spare key.
  • B5 PUSPAKOM report (this report is only required if you accept our offer after the car inspection but best to bring it along)

How You Can Sell Your Car to CARSOME (as an expat):

Book an inspection is the first step to sell car online

Step 1 – Book a free inspection

Head over to CARSOME.my or download our mobile app and click on “Sell Your Car”. Then, fill in your contact details and the details of the car you want to sell. Our CARSOME Consultant will contact you to confirm your inspection appointment shortly.

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To sell car online, the car needs to be inspected first

Step 2 – Attend the inspection

Bring in your car for inspection and our certified inspectors will conduct a thorough 175-point inspection on your car — which will only take around 30 minutes, and then we will offer a price for your car on the spot.

Accept the cash offer if you sell car online

Step 3 – Accept the offer

You can accept our offer immediately. If you have the time to spare, you can put up your car for live bidding where our dealers nationwide will bid for your car where you may get a higher market value.

CARSOME will handle the paperwork when you sell car online

Step 4 – Getting The Paperwork Done: 

Once you accept the price, we will handle all the paperwork and legalities for you, including ownership transfer and PUSPAKOM inspection. 

For expats, a B5 PUSPAKOM report will be required to officiate the name transfer to CARSOME. You can either get the report yourself for this step via our guidance or we can assist you for a small fee.

Receive payment when you sell car online

Step 5 – Receive payment: 

After the paperwork is completed, the transaction of the sale can be done at CARSOME’s office via e-transfer. You will receive the payment within 72 hours.*

Bonus: What is PUSPAKOM?

What is PUSPAKOM and what do they have to do with sell car online

Puspakom is Malaysia’s national vehicle inspection company that is appointed by the Malaysian government to undertake all mandatory inspections for commercial and private vehicles. 

The Puspakom B5 report (from the transfer of ownership inspection) is needed to detail the condition of the vehicle and protect the new vehicle owner from illegal purchases. 

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If you are keen on selling your car to CARSOME before going home, contact us today! CARSOME guarantees trust and transparency toward our customers and we offer the best value for used cars. It’s easy to sell! All you need to do is book an inspection here, attend it, and sell it off in just 72 hours!*

Terms & conditions apply

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