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Buying a Used Car? Here’s How to Check for Outstanding Summonses

There are two different types of summonses, PDRM summon (also known as Royal Malaysia Police) and JPJ summon (also known as Road Transport Department Malaysia). The PDRM are our police force in Malaysia that protects the people and property. They also occasionally control traffic, perform roadblocks, patrol neighborhoods and more.

On the other hand,  JPJ is responsible for reducing injuries and deaths due to motor vehicle accidents and taking actions against traffic offenders. They are also responsible for motor vehicle’s road tax and driver’s license. Besides that, pursuant to the Road Transport Act 1987, the enforcement and regulatory duties are within the roles of JPJ. Moreover, the Automated Enforcement System (AES) also known as speed trap was implemented by JPJ in order to prevent drivers from speeding and running the red light.

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Here Are 6 Ways to Check for Outstanding Summonses


No. Platform Type(s)
3 JPJ website I’m JPJ  
6 MyBayar Saman JPJ PDRM

1. MyEG

Upon clicking on the MyEG link, you will be greeted with a “register” and “login” page. If you do not have a MyEG account, click on register and fill in the application. Once you have done so, you will be logged in and greeted with a list of services such as JPJ, PDRM, DBKL and more. Click on the service you wish to check your outstanding summonses.


Upon clicking on the RILEK link, scroll down until you see “login”. If you do not have a RILEK account, click on “register” and fill up the application. Once you have done so, click on “Search By” and select “check JPJ / police summons” and fill in the details of the vehicle you wish to check for outstanding summonses.

3. JPJ Website

Upon clicking on the JPJ link, you will be greeted with a “search option” page either by “I.D. No. only” or “I.D. No. and Vehicle No.” After that you may fill in the required details and click “search”.


Upon clicking on the PDRM SSO link, you will be greeted with their main page. If you do not have a SSO account, click on “pendaftaran baru” and fill up the application. Once you have done so, you may check the status of your PDRM summonses.

5. SMS

You may also check outstanding summonses using car plate number via SMS.


Type JPJ<space>SAMAN<space> MyKAD number or car plate number

Send to 15888

Type POLICE<space> SUMMONS <space>MyKAD number or car plate number <space>email address

Send to 15888 or 32728

6. MyBayar Saman

Upon clicking on the MyBayar Saman link, you will be greeted with their sign in page. If you do not have a MyBayar Saman account, click on “new user sign up” and fill up the user registration form. Once you have done so, you may check your outstanding summonses.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Additionally, here are some FAQs to help you out further.

1. Are there any discounts for summonses?

The rule of thumb is that if you pay early (within 1-15 days), there would be a 50 percent discount.

2. What happens if the used car has an outstanding summons from the previous owner?

The only way is to inform the previous owner to settle the outstanding sum so as to complete the sale. If not, the car will never be under your name even if you have paid the full purchase price of the car.

3. What happens if I don’t pay for the outstanding summonses at all?

A few things will happen namely, you won’t be able to renew your road tax and driver’s license, your name will be blacklisted in documents relating to your vehicle and worst case scenario a letter of demand will be issued against you, in which you will be required to go to the Magistrates Court to clear your name from being blacklisted and also settle the outstanding summonses.

Outstanding Summonses Can Stop a Car Sale

Do note that if there are outstanding summonses on a used car, JPJ will not transfer the used car to your name as the previous owner has yet to pay his / her traffic summons. This is something to look into when buying a used car. Alternatively, with Carsome’s Certified pre-owned cars, a 175-point inspection is conducted so you can drive away with peace of mind.

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