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Check ‘Saman’ Online: MyEG, AES, JPJ, and PDRM

With the extended Covid pandemic, we are thankful for all the ways we can check and settle our summons from the Royal Malaysian Police (PDRM), Road Transport Department (JPJ), and AES online. Here, we will be sharing with you how you can check your saman from these related departments online, via SMS, or with your car plate number.

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Check PDRM and Other Summons Online

Here are 5 ways you can check if you have any unpaid summons online:

Check Summons on MyEG

MyEG is short for  Malaysian Electronic-Government (“E-Government), and is the MSC’s Flagship Application. MYEG builds, operates and owns the electronic channel to deliver services from various Government agencies such as the PDRM and JPJ to Malaysian citizens and businesses. It offers services such as road tax and insurance renewal, driving license renewal, MyKad (ID) replacement, and PDRM summons services where you can check for PDRM summons and pay them.

Once you’ve logged on to the MyEG website, simply log in and click on “Check Summons”. You will be able to see all the information related to your summons here and choose to settle these summonses online through the many online payment options. With this platform offering various other services, you can save time by settling other tasks on MyEG besides checking your saman.

Check Summons on JPJ’s Official Website

You can also check your JPJ and AES summons on JPJ’s website.  The JPJ summons are usually records of notices or summons issued against vehicle users or owners who commit traffic offenses. The AES summons refers to offenses detected by automatic detection systems that are installed on the main roads all over Malaysia using cameras (pictures and videos).

Summons that are issued by JPJ are divided into two types – summons that can be compounded and summons that cannot be compounded. A compoundable summon can be paid within the period specified. Whereas a summon that cannot be compounded must be settled in court as specified in the summon slip. JPJ or AES summons can be paid at any JPJ State Office, JPJ Branches near you, or through e-Services.

The installation of AES (Automated Enforcement System) Cameras in the AWAS (Automated Awareness Safety System) is one of the proactive measures introduced by JPJ to reduce the number of accidents and deaths on the road that indirectly involves offenses related to speed limits and red-light violations. AES is an automated method of enforcing traffic rules and laws that operates 24 hours a day regardless of weather conditions in certain locations such as on highways and traffic light intersections.

This list is classified into 2 different categories – speed limit and traffic lights. Currently, there are a total of 45 AES cameras (29 for speed limits and 16 for traffic lights) at various locations all over Malaysia.

Check Summons via RILEK

RILEK which is an abbreviation for “Rangkaian Interactif Laman Electronic Kerajaan” or Government Interactive Network Portal is a website that provides interactive access to different government agencies. This website allows you to check on your PDRM summons inquiries and make payments.

Check Summons via PDRM’s SSO

The ‘Sistem Semakan Online’ (SSO) or the Online Review System is a service provided by PDRM that allows the public to review online services such as reviewing your police report’s status and investigations (if any), the status of unexplained traffic summonses, and the latest recruitment or vacancy positions within PDRM. Before you check your police summons online, you need to register on the platform with your information including IC number, address, and phone number.

Check Via MyBayar Saman Platform, by the PDRM

The MyBayar Saman is an online platform that allows users to pay their traffic summonses online and it can be done on the website or on the mobile application. It is an initiative by the PDRM’s traffic investigation and enforcement department (JSPT) to create a better online payment system that allows users to check their PDRM saman fast, efficiently, and easily.

Check Saman using Car Plate Number via SMS

check saman with car plate number via SMS

Traffic summons can also be checked via SMS (Short Message System). A service charge of RM 0.15 will be charged for each delivery and RM 0.20 for each message received.

Check PDRM Summons via SMS

Type POLICE <distance> SUMMONS <distance> MyKad number or Car Plate Number

Send to 15888 or 32728

Example – POLICE SUMMONS CDK1 or POLICE SUMMONS 920201115394

You can also apply for detailed information regarding your summons via email. Details of the summons will be sent to you via the email address provided

Type POLICE <distance> SUMMONS <distance> MyKad number or Car Plate Number <distance> email address

Send to 15888 or 32728

Example – POLICE SUMMONS CDK1 tester@gmail.com or POLICE SUMMONS 920201115394 tester@gmail.com

Check JPJ Summons via SMS

Type JPJ <distance> SAMAN <distance> MyKad number or Car Plate Number

Send to 15888

Example – JPJ SAMAN 920201115394 or JPJ SAMAN CDK1

Check Saman Online
6 Ways to Check PDRM, JPJ and Summonses Online

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) 

1.What happens if I fail to pay my summons?

Failure to settle your outstanding summons can result in offenders being blacklisted or/and issued arrest warrants thus resulting in offenders not being allowed to renew their road tax and driving licenses. Offenders will only be removed from the list after clearing all the outstanding summonses.

2. Who should be responsible if a newly purchased used car has an outstanding summon from the old owner?

If you buy a used car and realized that it has an outstanding summon – you only need to show the car purchase documents (copy of the ownership transference form and the new grant) to JPJ. Once it is proven that the summon was issued before the ownership of the used car was transferred, you do not have to pay the summon on behalf of the old owner.

3. Are there any discounts for these summonses?

Typically, these discounts are usually based on the ongoing announcement at that current time. You can follow JPJ’s and PDRM’s official websites or social media sites such as Facebook or Instagram to know when discounts for summonses are given. Last year, from the 18th to the 21st May 2020, PDRM offered discounts up to 50% for selected outstanding traffic summonses when you pay them through MyEG and RILEK. 

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* Original article was published on 10 March 2021 and has been updated for clarity and updated information on 14 September 2021.

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