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Things We Neglect that Affects A Car’s Resale Value

Everything that’s new is always given that much more care and attention than it probably requires. Like a car for example – the car would be washed every week, the exhaust tips would be scrubbed and the air con vents even, would be wiped on a daily basis.

No harm with that kind of attention to detail, but how consistent are we with such practices? How many repair receipts or service records do we actually bother to tuck away into a folder? That being said, we also realise how having a new car sparks our inner creativity to decorate it with chrome bits, stickers and body kits.

But most of us do not realise that in time, all these would come back to haunt us – whether it’s in the form of lower resale value, or unnecessary expenses just to uphold the car’s value. Which begs the question, how soon is too soon to start worrying about the resale value of your car? And what do we often neglect that affects what we’ll get from the car years from now?


Mechanical Negligence

This is what happens when you don’t change the engine oil for a very, very, very long long time. Credit: Jalopnik

When it comes to mechanical negligence, the neglect of a minor fault can result into a domino effect of endless repairing nightmares. Repairs should be taken care of when the faults are at an earlier stage as a vehicle relies on different components to work together for a safe and reliable drive.


What it will look like if you rajin service keta; ideally every 5,000 to 7,000km. Credit:www.import-car.com

Regular oil changes, especially for the engine and transmission are vital to maintain the efficiency and durability of the components within. While there may be salvaged or new parts available to replace them, often times, it puts off buyers knowing that major components have been replaced – and these could be easily verified.


Lack of Maintenance Records

Speaking of services and regular maintenance practices, the receipts and records of it are just as important as the maintenance itself. While most potential buyers are concerned with only checking the physical condition of the car, it’s a value added gesture that most buyers appreciate.

This small effort goes a long way into giving the impression that you’ve been meticulous with the maintenance of your car. Whether if it’s just for a service or for a major repair, having these records kept intact allows the potential buyer to have a clear idea of what the car has been through in its lifetime.


Over Modifying

Condition: Used Mileage: Who knows really Colour: Mostly Red Other Features: Antenna-like exhaust, straight out of front hood. Credit: www.bosozokustyle.com

As our recent article discussed, modifying a car is an act of slowly killing a car and its resale value – it generally isn’t a good idea as those who appreciate upgrades or modifications are few and far between. That being said, overdoing it, is an even bigger NO-NO.

Whether if it’s just stickers or wraps, an engine swap, or a simple rim change, all these come into play in the sale of the vehicle. One way or the other, it would cost you money, either by having to accept a lower valuation for your car or having to spend, perhaps, even more money than you did performing these upgrades or modifications, to remove or revert them back to its stock condition.


Scratches, Dents, Wear and Tear

While you’ll still be able to drive with such dents but if unattended to could be prone to rust. Credit: akmautogarage.com

We assume most people wouldn’t dispute this but the obsessiveness to keep a car scratch and dent-free often fizzles out after a couple of years – unless of course, you share a certain tight knit bond with your vehicle that no hurricane can pull apart. But they matter; whether you’re trying to sell it privately or through a dealer, these details will be closely scrutinised by potential buyers like a surgeon would in an operating table.

With every scratch and dent, it gives buyers even more reason to reduce the price by hundreds if not thousands. This applies to the interior too; while a mere chocolate shake spill or a cigarette burn on the seat fabric might seem trivial enough for you to have a laugh over, that joy will turn to frowns when you realise how much these odours, scratch and damages mean to prospective buyers who’d pick on these flaws to bring the price down.


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