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Ladies, Not Happy with Your Car? Here Are the Top Women-Friendly Car Features to Consider

More women are buying cars yet many cars over the years have mostly catered to male customers. Automakers are realizing this and have started to include more women-friendly features in their cars, and that’s a good thing. After all, these features can make the car ownership experience better for everyone, not only women. 

Many of the features most valued for women make a car safer, more comfortable, and practical. So, whether you’re a woman buying a car for yourself or a man buying one for the women in your life, here are the best car features for women.

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1. Advanced Safety Features

Most modern cars have basic safety features such as ABS (anti-lock braking system) and ESC (electronic stability control) as standard. While these are definitely essential, the best cars for women should have advanced features that improve their safety even further. Here are some safety features that make a car great for women:

  • Traction control: Detects when any tire loses grip on the road and automatically applies the brakes or reduces the engine power so the tire(s) regain traction.
  • Hill-start assist: Automatically holds the brakes when on an incline to prevent your car from rolling backward.
  • Integrated dashcam: Records the external surroundings of your car to capture proof of any mishap on the road so you can protect yourself in case of an accident. 

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2. Driver Assistance System

Another important feature of a women-friendly car is a driver assistance system. Driver assistance does just as the name suggests – it helps you in day-to-day driving be it on the highway or in stop-and-go traffic. These features include: 

  • Adaptive cruise control: Automatically adjusts the speed of your car to match the car in front of you, making your drive more comfortable and safe.
  • Lane keep assist: Warns you if you’re unknowingly driving out of your lane. It can also help keep your car within the lane.
  • Blind spot monitors: Alerts you if there are vehicles in your car’s blind spots, usually by lighting up a warning light on the side mirrors.
  • Parking assistance: Besides the more common 360-degree camera, some cars have auto parking assist that can maneuver your car in and out of a parking spot like what the Proton X50 offers.

3. Adjustable Seating

Many drivers, especially women, have had difficulty getting into a comfortable driving position while still having good road visibility. That’s why having seats with a wide range of adjustability is vital. You should be able to sufficiently raise and lower the seat and backrest until you’re in a position where you have a good view of the road ahead with enough space for you to sit and reach the steering wheel and foot pedals. 

Many modern cars have a powered driver’s seat with adjustable lumbar support and a memory function that can save your preferred seating position so you can dial in the comfort to prevent fatigue. Also, the steering wheel should have sufficient adjustability to allow you a clear view of the instrument cluster.

Perodua Myvi anti theft hook car safety feature

An anti-theft hook in the Perodua Myvi

4. Practical Storage

Whether you need to carry multiple bags to work or have small items on you, you need spacious and practical storage spaces for your things. Cars like the Perodua Myvi and Honda Jazz are some of the best cars for women as they have ample storage space despite being compact cars. Both cars have several cubby spaces, multiple seating arrangements to accommodate items of various sizes, and most notably in the Myvi, an anti-theft hook where you can hang your handbag instead of leaving it on the passenger seat.

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5. Driver’s Side Sun Visor Mirror

There may be times when you’re rushing to work or traveling between meetings and you just don’t have the time to touch up your hair or makeup. It’s at these times that you’ll be thankful to have a mirror on your sun visor. Not only is it convenient, but you won’t need to crane your neck to look in the rearview mirror or readjust it when you need to keep your hair or scarf in place. Despite being just a small thing, a sun visor mirror is one of the most convenient features for your car.

Toyota Corolla Cross powered tailgate feature

6. Hands-Free Powered Tailgate

You’ve probably been on a grocery run, had your hands full with bags, and just wished someone could open the boot or tailgate for you. Luckily, more automakers are equipping their cars with a hands-free powered tailgate. Most hands-free tailgates open by you sweeping your foot under the rear bumper, allowing you to free up your hands be it for carrying your child or groceries. You can often set a maximum height to which the tailgate opens allowing you to easily reach it when closing it. Popular cars with this feature include the Proton X70 and Toyota Corolla Cross.

7. Run-Flat Tires

Nobody wants to get a flat tire while on the road, especially if you’re a woman driving alone. And while there’s no way to predict if you’re going to get a puncture, having run-flat tires can allow you to keep driving after your tire is punctured so you don’t have to pull over and change it. Instead, you can safely drive back home or to a nearby workshop and get your tires changed there. 

This is a lifesaver especially if you frequently drive alone late at night when safety is an issue. Run-flats used to be installed only on luxury cars as they tend to be on the pricey side but you can now get them for as low as RM500 a piece. They might not be the cheapest tires but they’re usually not that much more expensive than regular tires of the same size.

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