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The Most Popular Car Color in Malaysia

Despite the diversity in culture, ideas, lifestyle, and customs, over three-quarters of the Southeast Asian population are very moderate in their choices when it comes to car colors. 

Malaysia’s Favorite Car Color Choice

According to our data from Carsome Insights 2020, white cars are the most sold color to Carsome which is at 31%. It is followed by silver (27%), black (19%), gray (15%) and blue cars (8%). If we compare the data between Carsome Insights 2020 and Carsome Insights 2019, these two data show similarities where acromatic colors (white and silver) are the most popular colors sold to Carsome throughout 2019 and 2020.

The list of popular car colors from Carsome Insights 2019 also showed that achromatic colors of white, black, silver and grey account for 86% of all cars that were sold to Carsome. This is substantiated by BASF and Axalta reports in 2019 that showed the colors popularity in Asia as well.

The color of purity

Malaysians might have different opinions on white color cars, but Carsome Insights 2020 and 2019 proved that it is the most popular car color. Of all the cars that were sold to Carsome in 2019, white cars represent 29% of the total. Silver takes the second spot with 25%, while black and grey followed in third and fourth place respectively with 18% and 14% of total cars.

What about chromatic colors? 

In Asia, you may find various shades of green, yellow and beige cars on the road, but blue and red take their places as the fifth and sixth most popular colors in Carsome Insights 2019 with an 8% and 6% share respectively. BASF’s and Axalta’s 2019 color report also show the colors standings in Asia and Asia Pacific region.

Although car colors are a way to provide some expression for a car owner, choices may change with trends. Yet, a car’s value is still measured by its color when it comes to selling. At Carsome, the exterior inspection does include body panel inspections which take into account paintwork as well. Want to know more about the inspection points? Hit the link below!

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