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5 of CARSOME’s 175 Inspection Points You Should Know

CARSOME’s one-stop service makes it easy to sell your used car. It takes 30 minutes or less for our professional and certified inspectors to conduct a thorough 175-point inspection before we can evaluate the price of your car. We put together five important points that are key to assess the condition of your vehicle.

The road test inspection – steering operation

One of the tests is to check the vehicle’s steering operation. Excessive free play steering happens when the steering wheel can be turned by an inch or over without any movement in the wheels. Without a steering that is precise, the driver won’t be able to control the car accurately during an emergency. By default, there should only be a quarter of an inch of free play in a car’s steering response.

The undercarriage inspection – engine mounts

The engine mount is the part that holds the engine to the chassis of the vehicle. Other than securing the engine in place, its purpose is to help reduce engine vibrations and provide a smoother drive. Most of the time, engine mounts wear or break due to age and need to be replaced. A sign of engine mounts that need replacing is when there’s excess noise and vibration that can affect other components under the hood.

The exterior inspection – cut & joint vehicle

One of the most important inspection points is to check the integrity of a vehicle’s chassis. The cut and joint exterior inspection looks at whether the vehicle has been in an accident and repaired at key areas. This is done to check if the Road and Transport Department of Malaysia (JPJ) has approved the repairs.

The exterior inspection – tampering of chassis or engine number

A vehicle that has been in a major accident will also be inspected for its chassis or engine number. This is to ensure that the repaired vehicle hasn’t been cloned or revived from being a total loss. This verification is to confirm that the repaired vehicle has been approved by the authorities and possess serial numbers that tally with the vehicle’s registration card. 

The interior inspection – power window controls

Power window failures are a common occurrence in almost every aged vehicle. Whether it is a non-functioning switch, jammed motor or malfunction, a fix and replacement of these parts is considered an additional cost to the next owner. Considering there are four windows in your car, it is definitely something to take note of before sending in your car for inspection.

Now that we’ve shared a few CARSOME inspection points, taking better care of your car will certainly pay off. When it’s time to sell, send it to CARSOME for a free inspection and get the best price for your ride!

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Selling your car doesn’t have to be complicated. Trust CARSOME to do it professionally, conveniently, and fast for you!

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