Personality Q&A: Pang Yoon Kong

The advancement of cars nowadays have reached a semi-autonomous state that many have forgotten about the creations and innovations of the simplest things in the everyday vehicle. From the humble spark plug, to the comfort of switching on the vehicle’s lights and being able to start the vehicle inside the cabin is one of the many things that Bosch has made possible since a century ago.

The Malaysia Merdeka Automotive Quiz!

Malaysia is rich in diversity and culture. This is not only evident in our history, food, practices, but also in the automotive scene. From our national cars Proton and Perodua, national oil and gas company Petronas, Sepang International Circuit with races like Formula 1, MotoGP, Ferrari Challenge, and even our proud racers in all aspects racing against time for the championship.

Head to Head: Perodua Bezza Advance vs Toyota Vios J

With the launch of the new Bezza, it’s clear that Perodua’s new offering would be capable of taking over from the Myvi as the brand’s next torch bearer with its exceptional features, practicality and sheer value for money. But is it capable of a more extraordinary feat? Is it comparable to Japanese models and other …

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Personality Q&A: Alex Yoong

To Malaysians, race car driver Alex Yoong is a household name when it comes to motorsports. In 2001, he made history as the first Malaysian and second South-East Asian to drive in Formula 1 with the European Minardi F1 team.