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Is It Safe to Buy & Sell Used Cars On CARSOME?

Trust is a rare commodity to come by these days, especially in the used car market. If you have attempted to sell or buy a used car in the past, the market can either be filled with shoddy individuals or you have to deal with gray areas for the paperwork. 

Welcome to the lawless jungle. Tune into forums and social media and there will be a stream of horror stories of buyers being ripped off into buying overpriced used cars in poor condition. To add on, the advent of online marketplaces where buyers buy directly from sellers can leave those who are unfamiliar and vulnerable due to the complicated process of the traditional buying and selling of used cars. 

So, should you be buying a used car online? Well, that depends. Here are some questions to ask yourself before carrying on with the decision:

  1. Is it from a reputable seller/buyer?
  2. Is the car in good condition as claimed?
  3. Do you know how to get the paperwork and ownership transfer done? 

For an established company like CARSOME, we aim to dispel these concerns. Here’s why CARSOME has grown to be Malaysia’s favorite when it comes to buying and selling used cars in Malaysia.

323,869 Malaysians Have Bought & Sold a Used Car In Malaysia with CARSOME

Do you remember the first time you made an online listing and purchase? Finding a reputable seller or buyer on the Internet was a wild west in the early days of e-commerce in Malaysia, and that was purchasing items that are small enough to be shipped to you. What about used cars then? 

Unlike the early days of selling and buying a used car, the only way to get reviews from dealers is via word of mouth from friends and family. With the aid of social media, you can now find actual customer reviews on the business online. What better way to get authentication via vox populi, the voices of the people. We’d like to let the numbers and words from our customer’s mouths speak for themselves. 

Buying a Used Car from CARSOME 

Since the establishment of CARSOME Certified in 2020, we have sold 16,908 cars, a no-easy feat for a few short years. One might be wondering, how did we manage to pull this off?

Quality Assured Used Cars In Malaysia

We don’t just simply take in any car sold to us by every Ali, Muthu, and Ah Chong out there. Before we list our CARSOME Certified cars in our inventory, they are all put through a stringent 175-point inspection that covers the body of the chassis to ensure they are free from major accidents, floods, and fire damage. These selected cars will then go through the CARSOME Certified Lab Refurbishment Process which includes mechanical and general repairs, body and paint, detailing, and a final quality control check. This is to ensure all CARSOME Certified cars deliver safety beyond standards, complete comfort, and refurbished aesthetics.  

Customer Testimonial on Facebook

We Handle The Paperwork For You

If you have dealt with buying a used car in the past, you’ve got two choices – paying a runner to get the job done for you or having to deal with the paperwork yourself. But not with CARSOME! Just sit back and relax! We’ll handle all the boring stuff so you can focus on things that matter to you! 

Forget About Haggling

If you are unfamiliar with cars in general, it will be quite difficult for you to haggle. We understand your pain point, and we ensure that our prices are fixed with no hidden fees. Our CARSOME Certified car prices are inclusive of the road tax fee, PUSPAKOM inspection fee, ownership transfer fee, loan application fee, and a free one-year warranty! 

1-Year Warranty & 5-Day Money-back Guarantee

Buyer’s remorse is one of the worst things one can feel after a purchase, especially for a big-ticket item like a car! A major concern when it comes to buying used cars in Malaysia is the lack of warranty. Should the car break down somewhere down the line, you’re on your own to pay for the repairs. We want to provide a trusted platform for our customers, hence all our CARSOME Certified cars come with a one-year warranty and a five-day money-back guarantee. 

With strong after-sales backing, you can count on us to assist you with your car even after your purchase. With strong after-sales backing, you can count on us to assist you with your car even after your purchase. 

Selling a Used Car to CARSOME

CARSOME started out with its sell-car business in 2015, and to date, we have 306,961 customers who have sold their cars to CARSOME. That’s a lot of customers who have trusted our platform to sell their cars, hassle-free. 

What do customers love about selling cars with us? Here are 4 very convincing reasons and what customers say about them. 

Fast Payout Within 24 Hours*

The payout process can take weeks, months, or sometimes, not at all in the past! Our customers love us because of our fast payout within 24 hours!* The money will be transferred into your account before you even know it.

High Offer Price

Being in the industry for eight years has its perks. With the data we have collected, we are able to build a pricing engine that allows us to offer very competitive prices to our customers. Coupled with our professional 175-point inspections, we are confident that our offer prices are in accordance with market prices. You can even opt for our easy bidding process to have our large network of dealers bid on your car. 

No Paperwork Hassle

We are all about offering a hassle-free experience to you. With fast payment and no paperwork required by you, this is one of the easiest and quickest ways for you to liquidate your used car. 

The People Have Spoken

Convinced that CARSOME should be your go-to choice for buying and selling used cars? Our numbers speak for themselves. 

A whopping 5,365 Facebook users have highly recommended us. We’re humbled because we’re where we are today because of you, our supportive customers, and our fans.

Today, we have mobilized 323,869 vehicles across the country. That’s enough to fill Bukit Jalil Stadium three times!

Join the CARSOME community and visit our website at CARSOME.my and start browsing your dream car now or visit the nearest Experience Center near you to ask our friendly CARSOME Consultants to test drive a car.

If you’re on the move, you can still browse our inventory on your phone! Download our free app on the Google Play Store and Apple App Store now for all your car-buying needs today!



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