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Here’s All You Need to Know About Renewing Your Driving License in Malaysia

Every driving license in Malaysia comes with an expiry date and it is your responsibility to renew it on time to avoid any complications down the road. Fortunately, other than renewing your license at the post office or Road Transport Department (RTD/JPJ) office, you can also renew it online on the MyEG and JPJ mySIKAP website.

In this article, we will be discussing everything related to renewing your driving license in Malaysia including the price, how to renew your driving license online and in person, as well as the penalty for the late renewal of your driving license. Let’s get started!

Renewing Your Driving License in Malaysia

Once you have obtained your driver’s license, you will notice a date on the card that states the expiration date. You can also check your license expiry date in the MyJPJ app or on the JPJ mySIKAP website. 

Previously, the license expiration date was a random date that is set according to the validity period that you have picked, but from mid-November 2011 onwards, the expiration date of your driving license is set to your date of birth to make it easier for drivers to remember.   

You can choose the validity period for your driving license. The minimum renewal duration is one year, and, announced in 2023, the maximum duration for license renewal is now 10 years.

The Price of Renewing Your Driving License in Malaysia

  • The cost of renewing a Class A or A1 license is RM2 per year.
  • The cost of renewing a Class B2, B, and C license is RM20 per year.
  • The priciest is the renewal cost of Class D (car driving license) and above which is RM30 per year.

Below are the prices for renewing your Class D driving license in Malaysia. If you opt for the 10-year license renewal, you’ll even get a 10-percent or RM30 discount, which means you’ll need to pay RM270 instead of RM300.

Validity Period Price for Renewing a Car Driving License (D Class)
1 Year RM 30
2 Years   RM 60
3 Years   RM 90
4 Years   RM 120
5 Years RM 150
6 Years RM180
7 Years RM210
8 Years RM240
9 Years RM270
10 Years RM270 (with discount)

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Where to Renew Your Driving License in Malaysia

If you are afraid of missing the expiry date or don’t have your driving license with you, you can always visit JPJ’s mySIKAP website or simply check your MyJPJ app for all the information related to your driving license. You can check the expiry date as well as the last time you renewed your license. All you need to do is:

  1. Log in with your User ID (ID Pengguna) or register an account if you don’t have one yet.

JPJ mySIKAP login page - Website to check & renew driving license

2. Select “Lesen Memandu” on the main tab and “Maklumat Lesen” below it.

JPJ mySIKAP check driving license page

3. Select your license type from the “Jenis Lesen” drop-down list.

JPJ mySIKAP check license dropdown list

4. An image of your driving license will be displayed with all the relevant information including your expiry date.

JPJ mySIKAP - Digital driving license copy display

Where to Renew Your Driving License in Person

There are various driving license renewal centers in Malaysia making it a convenient process to renew your license. While most offices are open on weekdays, JPJ offices in Urban Transformation Centers (UTC) are open on weekends including Sundays. Do note that UTCs are closed on public holidays.

Post Office (Pos Malaysia)

To renew your license at any Pos Malaysia outlet, you need to bring along your MyKad and your existing driver’s license. Make your way to the post office early to avoid long queues.

Road Transport Department Malaysia (JPJ)

You can head down to your nearest JPJ office to renew your driving license. All you need is your MyKad and your existing driving license (optional – an additional photo). It would usually take less than an hour for the whole process of renewing your license here.

UTC Sentul

Urban Transformation Centre (UTC)

Most UTCs have their own JPJ branches where you can proceed with renewing your driving license. All UTCs are open on weekdays as well as on Saturdays and Sundays. However, they are closed on public holidays. You can check the locations of all the UTCs in Malaysia, the government agencies available at each center, and their operating hours on the UTC website. These are the UTCs with JPJ offices:

  1. UTC Pudu Sentral, Kuala Lumpur
  2. Mini UTC Sentul, Kuala Lumpur
  3. Mini UTC Keramat, Kuala Lumpur
  4. UTC Shah Alam, Selangor
  5. UTC Negeri Sembilan in Seremban, Negeri Sembilan
  6. UTC Kedah in Alor Setar, Kedah
  7. Mini UTC Sungai Petani, Kedah
  8. UTC Perak in Ipoh, Perak
  9. UTC Melaka, Melaka
  10. UTC Johor in Johor Bahru, Johor
  11. Mini UTC Pasir Gudang, Johor
  12. UTC Pahang in Kuantan, Pahang
  13. UTC Kelantan in Kota Bharu, Kelantan
  14. UTC Kuala Terengganu, Terengganu
  15. UTC Kuching, Sarawak
  16. Mini UTC Sibu, Sarawak
  17. Mini UTC Miri, Sarawak
  18. UTC Kota Kinabalu, Sabah
  19. UTC Tawau, Sabah
  20. UTC Kangar, Perlis
  21. UTC Georgetown, Pulau Pinang

How to Renew Your Driving License Online

JPJ mySIKAP Website

Besides checking your driving license details, you can renew your license on the mySIKAP website as well. Here are the steps to renew your driving license on mySIKAP:

  1. Log in with your JPJ User ID
  2. Select “Lesen Memandu” and then “Pembaharuan Lesen Memandu
  3. Select your license type (either “Lesen Memandu Kompeten” or “Lesen Belajar Memandu”)  from the “Jenis Lesen” drop-down list.
  4. Select your preferred license renewal duration from the “Tempoh” drop-down list, and click on “Cari” to proceed. Note that you first have to submit your photo at a JPJ office to renew your license online. The mySIKAP system will alert you to visit your nearest JPJ counter if there is no photo in the system.
  5. On the next screen, select your photo for your license and make the payment (online banking or credit/debit card).
  6. Once the transaction is complete, you can print your receipt (“Cetak Resit”) or print your digital license (“Cetak Lesen Memandu (e-LM)”). 
  7. You can then head to your nearest JPJ to collect your physical license.

MyEG’s Website

On the 9th of October 2020, JPJ announced that driver’s licenses can be renewed online via MyEG’s website. However, there are two licenses that cannot be renewed online and can only be renewed in person at JPJ offices. They are the:

  • Learner Driving License (LDL or L license)
  • Probationary Driving License (PDL or P license)

To renew your license using MyEG’s website, just follow these steps:

  1. Visit the official MyEG website. If you do not have an account with MyEG, create an account by clicking on the “Register Now” button and filling in the required details.
  2. If you already have a MyEG account, click the “Login” button, then select your nearest JPJ branch.
  3. Click on the “Renewing Driving License” button.
  4. Then, fill in all the required information and select your payment method. Before confirming your payment, make sure all the information provided is correct.
  5. Once completed, save the receipt as proof if necessary.
  6. MyEG will send you your new driving license to the address you have provided.

*A charge of RM6 is charged for delivery around the Klang Valley, RM8 for Peninsular Malaysia, and RM10 for Sabah and Sarawak when you renew your license online on MyEG.

Happy woman driving a yellow car

Other Things to Know about Driving License Renewal in Malaysia

We all know that you need to have valid vehicle insurance and road tax to drive on Malaysian roads, and the same goes for your driving license. If you are caught driving without a valid license, you could be fined by the police or JPJ officers. Below are some frequently asked questions about driving licenses in Malaysia.

Do I need to carry a physical driving license at all times?

No, effective 10 February 2023, you will no longer need to carry a physical copy of your driving license. You can simply download the digital copy from the JPJ mySIKAP website or find it on the MyJPJ mobile app.

What happens if I forget to renew my license?

If you get caught driving with an expired driving license, a fine will be imposed. The amount that you will have to pay depends on how long your driving license has expired. Here are the penalties for driving with an expired license.

Duration of License Expiry Penalty
1 – 15 days RM150
16 – 30 days RM200
31 – 60 days RM300

Can I renew an expired driving license?

Yes, you can renew your license as usual by visiting the post office or JPJ offices as well as on MyEG, with a minimum renewal period of two years if it has expired. However, If your driving license has expired for three years or more, it becomes totally invalid. You can no longer renew it and you will have to go through the whole hassle of getting a new license from the very beginning. Here is what you need to do:

If you try to renew your driving license after three years, you will have to go to the nearest JPJ office where you will be issued an eRayuan letter to obtain the “L” driving license (where you will have to pay RM 30). Then, you will have to re-sit the practical driving test.

Once you pass these examinations, you still won’t be able to get your full license and will be given a two-year probationary license (P License). So to avoid all this, do check your license regularly to make sure it hasn’t expired.

How do I convert my Probationary Driving License (PDL) to a Full Competent Driving License (CDL)?

To convert your PDL to a CDL, you need to visit a JPJ office. The process can take as little as a few minutes and requires you to:

  1. Visit your nearest JPJ office.
  2. Fill in form JPJ L1.
  3. Get a number and wait for your turn.
  4. At the counter, notify the officer that you want to convert your P license to a Full license.
  5. Provide your MyKad and P license, and state the license validity that you want (between one to 10 years)
  6. You can provide a white background photo of yourself measuring 25 mm x 32 mm if you wish to change the picture on the license.

Can I renew my expired PDL?

The P license has a validity of one and you can renew it within a year of its expiry date. If your P license has expired for more than a year, you need to send an appeal to JPJ to renew it.

How long does a Learner Driving License (LDL) last?

Your L license needs to be renewed every three or six months while you are still learning to drive. However, its validity cannot exceed two aggregate years from the date the license was issued. If your L license exceeds two years, you will need to repeat all your classes and tests to acquire a new L license.

We hope this article will prove useful the next time you need to renew your driving license. To prevent your license from expiring, try to check its expiry date every once in a while and you’ll surely be able to stay out of trouble. 

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