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Perodua Myvi Price, Specifications, and Reviews

Perodua Myvi,  a car that does not need much introduction in this part of the world. This car is one of Malaysia’s most renowned vehicle choices, with over a million units sold since its arrival in 2005, This is further backed up by being appointed as one of the nation’s best selling cars in 2020 and winning Malaysia Automotive Institute (MAI)’s ‘Entry-Level Segment’ award in 2018. The price of the Perodua Myvi also helped in making it people’s favourite. 

Price of Myvi

It’s not rocket science why this local car is so well received. The Myvi is a sensible sedan, known for being easy to drive and has a reliable engine. It is built to be compact yet roomy – for both drivers and passengers – and is pleasant to the eyes. Fuel efficiency is admirable, and Perodua has always made it a point to include timely technology updates with the model as the years go by. 

Without a doubt, the Myvi is one car that knows what drivers like – and that also includes having an attractive price tag.

Myvi price: value for money 

Among the many awards this car has won, one such was the ‘best Value-for-Money Car of the Year’ at the annual Frost & Sullivan Malaysia Excellence Awards. 

The price of Perodua Myvi is a sensible and economical choice for potential car owners. In general, the Myvi falls under the B-segment hatchback category and has a price range of RM 41,000 – RM 53,000 – the starting price tag is for a brand new 1.0 litre model, while 1.3 litre versions essentially range from RM45,000 and above. 

Of course, the Myvi price fluctuates according to the variant, features, specs and whether it is new or used.

Myvi Price Vs Features

Myvi PriceMyvi Price for Year 2020, on the road without insurance + the 2020 sales tax exemption.  

The Perodua Myvi received an update in 2020, and with it comes some new Myvi prices. The cheapest Myvi price is now the manual variation with the base 1.3 G MT engine – sold at RM41, 292. Next in line are the auto variations, with the 1.3 G priced at RM43, 029, while the 1.3 X is sold at RM44,959. 

Price of Perodua Myvi

The highest model in the 1.3 engine litre variation also comes with the option of having Advanced Safety Assist (ASA) 2.0 with it – this feature is a suite of driver assistance safety systems. It includes Pre-Collision Warning (PCW, up to 30 km/h), Pre-Collision Braking (PCB, up to 30 km/h), Front Departure Alert and Pedal Misoperation Control. Just pay RM2,000 more – so RM46,959 in total – and you get to enjoy these extra safety features with your Myvi 1.3 X. 

The ASA 2.0 comes as a standard for all 1.5 engine litre variants across the range. The price for a Myvi 1.5 H is RM50,530 and, lastly, the top 1.5 AV is sold at RM52,697. The main difference between the two is that the latter comes with enhanced and luxury finishing – namely leather seats and steering, reverse camera, touchscreen head unit with navigation and SmartLink. A beautifully leveled-up Myvi of sorts.

Used Myvi Price 

Looking to enjoy premium features and finishing, along with advanced safety, at an even more beautiful and affordable Myvi price? We’ve got four words for you: consider buying used Myvi cars.

Take a look at Carsome’s list and you’ll find several units of Myvis for sale – and at good deals too. Used car prices are determined by several factors, such as the condition of the car, age, mileage, length of warranty, and so forth. While the exact numbers or percentage for a secondhand Myvi, here is a rough guide:

  • A used 2011 Myvi SXi 1.3 – Manual is sold for RM9,888 onwards, as compared to its original Myvi price of RM43,900.
  • Secondhand 2014 Myvi cars with 1.3L engines are currently sold from RM29,000 onwards, almost half of its original Myvi price of RM43,000 and above.
  • A used 2018 Myvi with 1.5L engine can be bought from RM33,800 onwards, as compared to its original Myvi price of RM51,800

Cheaper price options, but still boasting the benefits of a Myvi? Yes!

Whether you decide to be the proud owner of a brand new 2020 Myvi or go the more economical, wallet-friendly route and opt for an older and used Myvi, rest assured this Malaysian icon will not disappoint. Check out Carsome’s page to know more on how you can buy used Myvi at an affordable price. 

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