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Does CARSOME Mark Up & Sell Expensive Cars?

“Walaoeh, why CARSOME sell cars so expensive one?” 

“Dun buy from CARSOME lah. Better buy your car from somewhere else.”

Is it true that CARSOME’s used car prices are expensive? We get plenty of comments like these when someone suggests buying from us. Some would rather pay even more for a brand-new one!

This is not an attempt to fan our ego. In all honesty, our prices are already fairly priced based on market value and the overall condition of the cars. How do we do that? More on this later but first, we’ll let you in on a little secret on how we price our cars. 

Why CARSOME’s Used Car Prices So Expensive?

Why is CARSOME's used car prices expensive?There are various factors in how goods and services are priced in the market – it’s simple economics. But for the sake of this article,  let’s keep it for another day unless you’re interested in how economics and commerce work. 

Just like any other product and service the market has to offer, our used car prices are always in tune with the current market. We constantly monitor the market for each used car model we have. Occasionally, we will set some of our cars below market prices. This is to ensure every income group from all walks of life can afford a ride, especially with a pre-owned car. 

Thus, our customers will have more choices offered at a competitive price along with the promise of a quality car from CARSOME. Buying a car for yourself or for a family member? We have all sorts of choices to pick from. We even have a premium selection of pre-owned luxury cars!

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Second-Hand Perodua Myvis Are Expensive? 

Some people claim that used car prices may vary depending on the year, model, and variant. Thus, these models tend to be shunned by buyers. Take this second-hand Perodua Myvi for example. It is uncommon for many to grumble about its prices despite being a used car.

Why is CARSOME's used car prices expensive?This statement may not exactly hold true to dear. As mentioned above, car prices are based on market value and demand. If demand is high, so are the prices. If demand is low, the prices drop. 

The car’s make, model, and variant aren’t the main driving factors that affect used car prices. It is the car’s condition, service report, and other additional factors that can affect the pricing. 

You can check the list of our Perodua Myvi second-hand units on CARSOME’s website here. Do you think our used car prices listed here are reasonable enough compared to other used car dealerships? We’ll let you be the judge.

At the end of the day, taking unsolicited advice from non-professionals is a fool’s game. If they have no background or evidence to strengthen their claims, just treat it as a personal opinion from them. 

Why Should You Choose CARSOME For Second-Hand Cars? 

Back to the main question, is it true that CARSOME’s used cars are expensive? Is it better if I buy from another dealer or better, brand new? Let me share something with you. 

All used car prices listed on CARSOME you see here on our website or app are FIXED. In short, what you see is what you get and pay for. There will be no additional surcharges, hidden fees, or any funny business showing up at the end of the bill. Unless you wish to add on an additional extended warranty with CARSOME.Why is CARSOME's used car prices expensive?

All CARSOME’s Cars comes with: 

  1. PUSPAKOM Inspection
  2. One-year warranty
  3. Loan Processing Fees
  4. Ownership Transfer

As you can see, all these services come inclusive with every car purchased from CARSOME with the promise of a quality car. 

Buying At a Second-Hand Dealer is Cheaper? 

Some even have claimed, “Better to buy a second-hand car at a normal used car dealer than CARSOME!”. 

We cannot deny this fact. Many used car dealers out there do indeed offer second-hand cars cheaper than us. But most of the time, the prices listed there aren’t really final!

Why is CARSOME's used car prices expensive?Prices you see listed by them have a high chance of covering just the car. They haven’t included other surcharges yet, such as:

  1. Inspection cost
  2. PUSPAKOM Inspection
  3. Loan Processing Fees
  4. Paperwork Processing Fees
  5. Runner’s fee for assorted matters and document procurement. 

These are just the gist of what other dealers would charge you, and who knows what other sorts of surcharges will be added next? There is a chance the final sum added up would be even more expensive than what was initially displayed!

Is It Better to Buy a New Car?

“Haiyah, why waste money buy used car? If you add on RMXXXX then you can buy a new one ady!” 

Again, we cannot deny, that buying a new car has its benefits. However, there are those who are in dire need of a quick set of wheels, cheap. In addition, some budget brands like Proton and Perodua have a waiting list of up to one year due to demand!

Why is CARSOME's used car prices expensive?Ask yourself – are you willing to wait for months, even a year just to get your car? That’s why used cars are still a popular choice as there’s no waiting list. All the vehicles are always ready from the get-go.

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At CARSOME, if any vehicle captures your fancy, all you have to do is put down the booking fee for the car you want. Give it a test drive too before you proceed with the purchases. Moreover, if you change your mind, you can always cancel the booking and your booking fee will be refunded.*

*Terms and conditions apply

So, Is CARSOME’s Cars Cheap or Expensive? 

That’s the thing. Our car prices are strictly based on market conditions. It’s not just CARSOME who’s doing this; in fact, there are other dealers who utilize the same strategy too.

Why is CARSOME's used car prices expensive?What’s cemented as a fact is the prices on CARSOME’s website are always final without any surcharges. What you see is what you’ll be paying for, unless you’re going for an extended warranty. 

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Besides that, all CARSOME Certified cars are put through a rigid 175-point inspection and refurbishment by our professional mechanics such as minor repairs, mechanical, body, and paint damage so you don’t have to spend more money repairing the car. 

Our 175-point inspection covers from top to bottom of the car’s chassis. This is to ensure our cars are free from major accidents, floods, and fire damage before we put them on sale. 

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Why is CARSOME's used car prices expensive?In addition to the 175-point inspection, our cars are professionally refurbished at CARSOME Certified Lab. This process is done to ensure our cars meet safety and comfort standards with refurbished aesthetics. 

That’s how we have served more than 300,000 customers throughout our eight years in business in Malaysia! Our fixed prices build trust in our customers to buy from us!

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