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Here’s How We Give Quality Carsome Certified Cars

When buying a pre-owned car, there may be some doubt about its quality, simply because it is a pre-owned vehicle. Plus, the entire process can be daunting as well – it is hard to know where to start, especially if it is your first time and with the amount of paperwork, as well as the back and forths.

That’s why at Carsome, giving you a hassle-free journey when you buy a Carsome Certified car is among our highest priorities.

This rings especially true with our 175-point inspection that makes sure every car sold to us is free from major accident, frame, flood, or fire damage.

So, here’s how we give you Carsome Certified cars.

Carsome’s 175-Point Inspection

All Carsome Certified cars must pass our 175-point inspection – the gold standard when it comes to pre-owned cars. The inspection involves a few guidelines that guarantee all cars within our inventory are free from major accidents, as well as frame, fire, and flood damage. In fact, Carsome Certified cars are like one in a hundred, as it is carefully selected with our stringent 175-point inspection. 

Following our inspection, the car will then arrive at our Carsome Certified Lab, where it goes through our Carsome Certified Refurbishment Process.

So, here is what we inspect to ensure we give you quality pore-owned cars.

Major Inspection

Our professional inspector will assess the main components of the car’s structure – the chassis, the car’s pillars, the frame, the roof panel, among others.

We will look for distinct signs of repair or replacement on any welding joining marks for the components mentioned as it notes that the car has been in a major accident.

No Major Accident

On top of that, we will also look at the seatbelts and airbags as well to see if they are working well or have been replaced. These features are designed to work effectively only once and they are usually replaced after an accident happens.

This inspection ensures that the car has not been involved in any major accidents since these key components are involved when repairing a car that has been damaged severely.

No Fire Damage

Although fire damage sounds like a major issue that you will be able to recognize at a glance, this is not usually the case, especially if it has been repaired and covered up.

This is why we inspect all the rubber, plastic, and wiring components in the engine room, cockpit area, and cargo bay for distinct burn marks or signs of melting. These things can lead to or can be the result of a car fire.

No Flood Damage

Flood damage is particularly harmful to cars. Not only does it lead to mold and rust, but it also damages the electrical system, engine, and transmission which will render the car dangerous for driving.

Signs of flood damage are difficult to spot, but our inspectors are trained to examine all nooks and crannies of the car including the door panels, trims, steering couplings, and air filters to ensure that there are no damp spots or rust marks.

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Exterior Inspection

Besides looking at the usual wear and tear of the car, the exterior inspection is done to visually identify if the car has had any major damage.

The main points of interest when conducting exterior inspection include bolts and nuts, base color, sealant, bumpers, lights, as well as rims, and wheels. Our inspectors are trained to ensure that these components adhere to our Carsome Certified standards.

Any scratches or dings on the body will be included in the inspection report along with a clear photo so customers are informed about the condition of the car they’re buying. This is also done so that these flaws can be repaired when the car goes through refurbishing later. 

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Interior Inspection

The next part of our 175-point inspection deals with the interior of the car. Our inspector will conduct a thorough inspection on all the interior components and amenities of the car including all the buttons, knobs, gauges, locks, as well as the audio system and the air conditioning system.

In order to adhere to our Carsome Certified standards, these components should be in proper working order and in good condition. This includes making sure the air conditioning blows cold air, the power window button works, the audio system functions properly, etc.

Should there be any issues with the interior components such as the air conditioning, it will be included in the inspection report to be repaired when the car goes through refurbishing.

Engine Inspection

This is a vital part of our 175-point inspection process. The engine is a crucial component and our skilled inspectors take extra care in making sure that it works properly.

During engine inspection, our skilled inspectors will ensure they verify the engine number first as it provides important information about the car itself – what kind of engine it is, how to maintain it, to check the legitimacy of the car, etc.

After it has been verified, our inspectors will proceed to check the oil and fluid levels in the engine to identify if there are any leaks in the engine. Engine leaks can accelerate the wear and tear of the engine which will lead to major damage.

In order to provide our customers with quality pre-owned cars, the engine oil, and the oil filter are replaced, if required, after the inspection.

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Underbody Inspection

Another essential part of our 175-point inspection is the underbody inspection. During this inspection, our instructors will be looking at the undercarriage of the car to look for signs of rust, leaks, or recent repairs.

The focus of this inspection would be components such as the transmission system, the suspension system, the exhaust system, the brakes, among others. They should be in proper working condition to adhere to our Carsome Certified standards.

Road Test Inspection

Our inspection also involves a road test conducted by our inspectors. The car will be taken for a short drive to identify any problems with its important parts such as the engine, steering system, brakes, suspension, transmission, gearbox, etc.

During the test, our inspectors ensure that the mechanisms mentioned above are in smooth working condition while also keeping an eye out for any abnormal noises, vibrations, or faulty mechanical issues that are affecting the car while it moves.

Any issues found during the inspection will be included in the inspection report and they will be raised and fixed during refurbishing so you will end up with a safe and comfortable car that’s fun to drive with.

A Hassle-Free Buying Experience

Carsome makes the buying process as transparent, seamless, and convenient as possible.

When buying a car through Carsome, there are no hidden fees. The price you see on the website is the price you will pay to own the car. With more than 1,000 quality pre-owned cars to choose from, you can check out our listings here.

Additionally, all Carsome Certified cars come with the following to ensure you further peace of mind: 

  • Five-day money-back guarantee: If you buy a Carsome Certified car and happen not to like it, you can return it back to us within five days for a full refund. No questions asked!
  • One-year warranty: Our journey with you does not stop after you buy a car. We will give you an extended warranty to ensure your vehicle is covered in your first year.

So, what are you waiting for? Find your dream car and Make It Carsome today! Don’t forget to save more on your purchase by checking out our monthly promotions.

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