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New To Hondas? Here Are All the Classifications and Types Currently Available in Malaysia.

Malaysians love Hondas; they love them so much that one is willing to go broke just for owning one. 

Nevertheless, Hondas are a darling in the Malaysian automotive scene that has provided a reliable form of transportation for all income groups. 

If you’re looking to explore all the cars Hondas have to offer in Malaysia, here are all the classifications and types sold to date. 

Honda Hatchbacks In Malaysia

Small hatchbacks are exploding in popularity in Malaysia, and Honda has two models (one currently ongoing) for the market. 

Honda Jazz (Discontinued)

Honda car models in Malaysia, Honda Jazz

The Honda Jazz is a compact hatchback that offers a surprising amount of interior space due to its clever design – it uses a unibody chassis, where the vehicle’s body, floor pan, and chassis form a single, solid structure, a feature commonly found on SUVs making the Jazz a very safe car to drive. 

Honda car models in Malaysia, Honda Jazz

Safety aside, it’s known for its practicality and affordability. Spare parts are abundant and they are famous for having good fuel economy. In the used market, the Jazz is a popular choice for fresh graduates as their first car or prospecting racers who plan to make use of its full unibody chassis to modify. 

Honda Sedans in Malaysia

While sedans are a dying breed in the suburban utility vehicle (SUV) market, sales of Honda-made sedans are still going strong in Malaysia. Currently, Honda has two types of sedans sold in the country.

Honda City

Honda car models, Honda City The Honda City is one of Malaysia’s most beloved compact sedans among university students and fresh graduates. Known for its affordability and fuel efficiency, it’s a great option for urban commuters. 

Honda car models, Honda City.Honda started selling the third generation City in Malaysia back in 1996. 27 years after its release, plenty of road-running examples can still be seen on our streets today as a testament to their reliability. 

Four generations later, Honda has started selling the fifth generation City, in addition to a new hatchback model that harks back to its Japanese domestic market (JDM) roots. 

Honda Civic

Honda car models in Malaysia, Honda CivicThe Honda Civic, available in multiple variants, is a more premium sedan option. It is renowned for its sporty design, advanced technology, and excellent driving dynamics. The Civic is a favorite among those seeking a balance between performance and practicality.

Honda car models in Malaysia, Honda CivicPrior to the 10th generation, the Civic used to be known as a cheap but reliable economy sedan. But the current 10th and 11th generations had a huge glow-up in terms of rebranding the Civics image. 

Currently, the 10th generation is discontinued in favor of the 11th by Honda Malaysia. However, used units from that generation are still desirable in the market. 

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Honda Civic Type R

Honda car models, Honda Civic Type RThis specification for the Honda Civic is performance-oriented to cater to car enthusiasts and is considered the Holy Grail of Hondas. 

The first Honda Civic Type-R to be sold in Malaysia started off with the eighth-generation Civic as the sedan variant known as the FD2 Type R.  

After two generations, the Type-R was reintroduced in Malaysia again with the FK8 Type-R from the 10th gen Civic and the FL5 which is based on the 11th gen. 

Other generations of Type R are typically brought into Malaysia as classic or recond models and they are highly sought after by tuners. 

Honda Accord (Discontinued in Malaysia as of 2023)

Honda car models, Honda AccordWhile it has the reputation for being an “uncle’s” car, the Honda Accord fits a niche for those who desire a larger, more luxurious sedan. It boasts a spacious cabin, premium features, and a refined ride. The Accord is ideal for executives and families looking for elegance and comfort.

Honda car models in Malaysia, Honda AccordJust like the Civic, almost every generation of the Honda Accord was produced and sold in Malaysia. However, as of 2023, it’s reported that the 11th-generation Accord would no longer be sold here; making the 10th gen the last to be sold in Malaysia. 

SUVs and Crossovers

The SUV and crossover segments have witnessed significant growth in Malaysia, and Honda has responded with several appealing options under the V family. 

Honda HR-V

Honda car models in Malaysia, Honda HR-VThe Honda HR-V is a compact SUV that combines the practicality of a hatchback with the style and versatility of an SUV. It’s known for its spacious interior and Magic Seats, which allow for various seating and cargo configurations.

Honda Car models in Malaysia, Honda HR-VHonda started selling the second-generation HR-V alongside the Jazz and the City as part of the Honda Global Compact Series. The second generation was discontinued in 2022 and has since been replaced with the third generation. 

Honda CR-V

Honda car models, Honda CR-VThe Honda CR-V is a compact crossover SUV that has been around in Malaysia since 1995 as the first generation. The CR-V is favored due to its ample space for families and their luggage. It’s loaded with advanced safety features and is well-regarded for its comfort and reliability. Honda car models in Malaysia, Honda CR-V

All five generations of the CR-V have been accounted for in Malaysia as of 2022. A sixth generation has been released to international markets. But, with rumors and spy shots of the sixth generation being taken on our roads, a release might soon be imminent. 

Honda BR-V

Honda Car models in Malaysia, Honda BR-VThe Honda BR-V is a midsized multipurpose vehicle (MPV)/SUV designed for those seeking a more rugged appearance and a higher driving position. It’s a versatile option for urban and light off-road adventures.

As of today, only the first generation is sold here. Honda currently has no plans to sell the second generation to the Malaysian market. 

Honda WR-V

Honda car models in Malaysia, Honda WR-VWhen the WR-V was announced earlier in 2023, it was a huge deal for the Malaysian car market. Prior to the announcement, if you wanted a small, B-segment subcompact SUV, your only choice would be the Ativa. 

Now that the Ativa’s monopoly is no more, will we see the WR-V dominate the B-segment subcompact SUV category? 

As of 2023, these cars can still be bought either brand new or used in the market today. If you’re looking to sell your old car for a brand new one or looking for a second-hand Honda, CARSOME has got you covered! 

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