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The Honda WR-V Is Here for Ativa’s Throne. Will It Be Winning Hearts?

The reign of the Perodua Ativa as the only compact SUV in Malaysia is no more. Honda has officially launched the all-new Honda WR-V in Malaysia. Dubbed the Winsome Runabout Vehicle, will this compact, five-seater SUV win the hearts of Malaysians? 

Currently, the WR-V’s competitor in Malaysia is the Perodua Ativa which has been reigning in the B-segment SUV market since 2021. Here’s a side-by-side comparison to see if the brand-new WR-V or a used Perodua Ativa is right for you.

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Honda WR-V Exterior 

Honda WR-V exterior The front profile is reminiscent of the 2022 Honda HRV with its slim, trapezoidal, headlights and a weave-like hexagonal grille design. The front and rear bumpers are equipped with skid plates, which is an interesting feature considering this is commonly found on trucks. 

Honda WR-V Exterior Moving onto the side, the Honda WR-V has a conjoined plastic skirt trim that extends from the front to the rear. The side profile of the WR-V has much more aggressive flared fender arches, giving it a much more fierce design compared to this boxier cousin, the Honda HRV.

Honda WR-V exteriorHere are the dimensions of the brand-new Honda WR-V compared to the roadgoing Perodua Ativa:

Perodua Ativa Honda WR-V
Length 4,065 mm 4,060 mm
Width 1,710 mm 1,780 mm
Height 1,635 mm 1,608 mm
Wheelbase 2,525 mm 2,485 mm
Tire Size 205/60 R17 215/55R17

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Honda WR-V Interior 

Honda WR-V interiorStepping inside the car and you’ll find similar design cues from various Honda models in Malaysia. The steering and the dashboard design are carried over from the FC/10th generation Honda Civic. On the other hand, the gear knob looks similar to the sixth-generation Honda City. For what it’s worth, the WR-V bags a bargain with its luscious cabin space and excellent driver-oriented ergonomics for comfort. Honda WR-V interior

Perodua Ativa Honda WR-V
Infotainment System 7-inch touchscreen 7-inch Audio touchscreen display
Airbags 6 4
Number of Seats 5 5
Boot Volume 380L 303-369L

Engine Specifications

Honda WR-V engineWhile the Ativa wins in size, the Honda WR-V triumphs in raw power. Inside the Honda WR-V lies a naturally aspirated, four-cylinder engine similarly found on the ongoing Honda City.  The four-cylinder engine currently makes 121 PS and 145 Nm. All the power is sent to the front wheels via a CVT transmission. Unlike its Indonesian counterpart, there is no hybrid variant at launch, perhaps Honda will follow up with a facelift version sometime soon. Standard-issue brakes across all variants are two front disc brakes and two drum brakes on the rear. 

Here is the reported performance of the Honda WR-V compared with the Perodua Ativa:

Perodua Ativa Honda WR-V
Engine Turbocharged three-cylinder  Naturally aspirated four-cylinder 
Fuel Capacity 1.0L  1.5L
Horsepower (PS) 98 121
Torque (NM) 140 145
Transmission CVT CVT

Safety Features 

Perodua Ativa InteriorThe all-new Honda WR-V has a few tricks up its sleeve to woo Malaysian buyers. First off, you get your basic hill start assist, ISOFIX, front/rear reverse cameras, and vehicle stability assist (VSC). Power steering, traction control, and anti-lock braking system (ABS) come standard across all ranges. 

Now onto the additional safety features not found in the Perodua Ativa, the Honda WR-V has a rear seatbelt warning, walk-away auto lock, and Honda Lane Watch. The Honda WR-V also gets the signature Honda SENSING treatment. This driver assistance technology comes with lane departure warning, road departure mitigation, lane keep assist system, forward collision warning, collision mitigation braking system, auto high beam, adaptive cruise control, and lead car departure notification system. 

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The Honda WR-V can be had with four specifications, ranging from RM89,900 as the base spec to RM107,900 for the range-topping model. On the other hand, the Perodua Ativa fetches a cheaper price starting from RM62,500 to RM73,400 brand new. Today, used Perodua Ativa units in good condition can be bought for just under RM71,000.


Currently, the Honda WR-V and the Perodua Ativa are the only two compact SUVs offered in the Malaysian market for quite a while. Would you be selling off your old Perodua Ativa for the brand-new Honda WR-V? Or would you be sticking to a used Perodua Ativa now that prices are cheaper? Which one would you prefer? Let us know in the comments below!


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  1. Have try my aunty wrv , it’s surprisingly very nice to drive, the throttle are responsive, the suspension are so good, and my parents love it rear seat comfort, and they said its more comfortable than the BYD that is so bouncy.


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