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Types of Driving License in Malaysia & How to Get Your Own License

Having a driving license in Malaysia is a necessity for many as driving your own vehicle is still the most reliable mode of transportation we have. There are multiple classes of driving licenses from class B2 for mopeds or kapcais all the way to class I license for tractors. Your driving license shows that you’re a qualified driver so you need to carry it whenever you’re driving.

If you’re planning to get a driving license in Malaysia soon, here’s a handy guide on the latest car and motorbike license fees, steps to get a driver’s license, and other license-related info.

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When Can You Get a Driver’s License

In Malaysia, the minimum age to obtain a full class A, B2, B or C motorcycle license is 16. Meanwhile, the age qualifications for class D or DA car licenses are aged 17 and above. You must also be 21 years old and above and have a valid CDL license if you want to apply for a Class E to I driving license. The prerequisite terms for someone to get a driver’s license is – be physically fit, not color blind, and have good vision (can see up to a distance of 23 meters).

Candidates with disabilities need to get a health examination and a confirmation of eligibility to drive a car or ride a bike from any government clinics or hospital and an approval from any of the nearest JPJ branches. For non-Malaysians or permanent resident applicants, candidates must have a valid passport and visitor pass/visa for a period of at least 1 month to qualify for a driver’s license.

Types of Driving Licenses in Malaysia

Driving licenses in Malaysia are divided into several categories as follows: 

  • Learner’s Driving License (LDL): Also known as an L license, it allows you to learn to drive according to the prescribed classes such as B, B2, D, and E under the supervision of an experienced coach from the driving institute. The L license needs to be renewed every 3 to 6 months if you have not taken/passed the JPJ driving test. The validity period of the L license is for 2 years.
  • Probationary Driving License (PDL): Also known as a P license, it’s given to new drivers who have passed the practical driving test at a Driving Institute. All new drivers have to go through a two-year probationary period before getting their competent driving license.
  • Competent Driving License (CDL): Refers to a valid driving license issued by JPJ to an individual after the expiration of the two-year probationary period. This license replaces your P license.
  • Vocational Driving License (VDL) or Commercial Driving License: A special driving license for commercial vehicles such as trucks and buses. This license is issued jointly by JPJ and LPKP (Commercial Vehicle Licensing Board).
  • International Driving Permit (IDP): An international driving license that allows Malaysians to drive in different countries. Application for this permit can be made at any JPJ office.

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Woman learning to drive a car

Malaysia Driving License Classes

Class   Vehicle Types    
A Vehicles for disabled persons not more than 450kg
B Motorcycles (all displacements) – more than 500cc. Also known as a B-Full license
B1 Motorcycles not exceeding 500cc
B2 Motorcycles not exceeding 250cc
C Motorized tricycles
D Manual transmission cars with unloaded weight not exceeding 3500kg
DA Automatic transmission cars with unloaded weight not exceeding 3500kg
E Trucks of all classes, including with unloaded weight exceeding 7500kg. The class E license is merged with class E1 and E2 from 1 March 2022.
F Tractors/light motorized machines (wheeled) with unloaded weight not exceeding 5000kg
G Tractors/light motorized machines (chained) with unloaded weight not exceeding 5000kg
H Tractors/heavy motorized machines (wheeled) with unloaded weight exceeding 5000kg
I Tractors/heavy motorized machines (chained) with unloaded weight exceeding 5000kg
M A license is labeled as ‘M’ if you have a court conviction. Your license may be restricted for a period of time if it gets an ‘M’ status.

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How to Get a Driving License in Malaysia

Driving license practical test at a driving institue

Image source: The Star

Obtaining a motorcycle or car driving license in Malaysia is fairly straightforward and involves similar steps. From starting with an L license all the way to obtaining your CDL license, here’s what you have to do.

  1. Register for a driving course

Contact the driving institute of your choice. The admin officer at the institute will explain the fees required to get a driving license, and the course structure, and help you schedule your first class.

2. Attend the KPP01 Theoretical Course

The  KPP01 is a theoretical classroom course that will teach you about road signs and laws, driving etiquette, defensive driving, and more. The class takes 6 hours on a single day. You are advised to dress neatly when attending this course.

3, Law Theory Computer Test 

After attending the KPP01 course, you need to sit for a law theory computer test which takes 45 minutes. The minimum passing score for this test is 42/50. You’ll need to sit for a repeat test if he/she fails.

4. Collect Your L License

Within a week after passing the computer test, you can collect your L (Learner Driving License) license. Oftentimes, you can also have your assigned instructor deliver it to you. With an L license, you can only drive cars displaying the L plate owned by driving schools under the supervision of a driving school instructor.

5. Attend the KPP02 and KPP03 Practical Driving Course 

Once you have obtained your L License, your driving instructor will coach you to drive on the course at the driving institute (KPP02) and on the road (KPP03). If you are applying for the D license (manual car), you will learn how to drive a manual car and how to change gears with a clutch. Alternatively, you can also opt for the DA class license (automatic car), where you will learn how to drive an automatic transmission vehicle. 

Once the driving instructor is confident that you are capable of completing the road test, they will schedule your test. Your driving test will include a slope test, a 3-point turn, reverse parking, parallel parking, and driving on the open road. If you’re applying for a motorcycle license, you’ll also have to attend the KPP02 and KPP03 classes on a dedicated motorcycle riding course.

6. Attend the JPJ Practical Test 

Next, you have to sit for the JPJ Practical Test. The test involves two stages – driving on the circuit while being observed by JPJ officers stationed at the test stations, and an on-the-road driving test accompanied by a JPJ officer in the passenger seat. If you pass the JPJ Practical Test, you will be eligible for a P driving license. Otherwise, you will have to re-sit the test.

7. Collect Your P License 

After you’ve passed the practical test, you’ll be awarded a P license (PDL). You’ll need to drive with this license for two years before being able to upgrade it to a CDL or a ‘full license’. Just make sure you don’t get into trouble and rack up demerit points or you’ll risk losing your P license. If that happens you’ll have to go through the whole process again. 

There are no special rules for P license holders other than you also need to display the P sticker on the top left front windscreen and top right rear windscreen of your car. Once the two-year probationary period is over, you can upgrade to a CDL license at any JPJ office.

How Much Does a Driving License Cost in Malaysia?

The cost of a driving license varies by state and location of the driving institute. However, the Licensing Committee of Driving Institutes (JKPIM) ​​under the management of JPJ has set the maximum amount for tuition and practical driving training fees for all driving institutes. 

This ensures the price of driving licenses in Malaysia has a maximum cap and is consistent in each state. It also ensures that everybody can afford to obtain a driving license. Below are the prices of driving licenses available in Malaysia. The total course price may vary between driving institutes depending on their fees and services provided.

License Class License Price Total Course Price
Motorcycle License B2 RM350 – RM450 RM700 – RM900
B RM900 – RM1,100 RM1,100 – RM1,500
Manual Car License D RM1,150 – RM1,300 RM1,400 – RM2,000
Automatic Car License DA RM1,250 – RM1,500 RM1,600 – RM2,500

How to Apply for an International Driving License in Malaysia

If you plan to go on vacation or will be working overseas and want to have an international driving license (also called an international driving permit or IDP), you can visit any JPJ office to apply for it. The IDP only has a one-year validity and has to be renewed yearly if you still need it. Here are the documents you need to apply for an IDP:

  1. Original and photocopy of identity card (both sides)
  2. Original and photocopy of a valid driving license (only CDL) 
  3. A passport-sized photograph with a white background
  4. Completed Form JPJ L1 (driving license application form)
  5. RM150 payment for an IDP valid for one year

To be eligible to apply for an IDP, you must satisfy these requirements:

  1. Have a Competent Driving License with more than one year of validity
  2. You are not blacklisted by JPJ or PDRM

How to Renew Your Driving License

You can renew your driving license at any post office, JPJ office, and online on MyEG’s website. This can be done in yearly increments with the minimum renewal period being one year. Just announced in 2023, Malaysians can now renew their driving license up to a maximum validity of 10 years. Additionally, if you renew for 10 years, you’ll only need to pay for nine years of renewal – that’s a 10-percent discount on your license. You can learn all about renewing your driving license here.

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