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Four Ways To Get Fast Cash

In times of economic downturn, everyone feels the pinch and will look for ways to make more money. If you are out of ideas, here are some things you can do to make some fast cash (legally, of course).


1) Offer car wash or minor car detailing services

You can start off by offering car wash or minor car detailing to people around you, like your neighbours.  Everybody could do with a clean car these days, especially under the Covid-19 pandemic as hygiene practices, including with personal vehicles, are of utmost importance.  With some hard work, you can charge several hundred ringgit per car if done well. 


2) Get a loan from the bank

If you are in urgent need of cash, your finances can get a boost with a loan from the bank. It allows you to settle outstanding payments or help you with larger purchases in time of need. Getting a personal loan can vary in terms and amount borrowed. Borrowers will be subject to financial and credit worthiness to determine whether a loan will be granted to them, so proper research and consideration must be done.


3) Sell your preloved items/ declutter your belongings

You would be surprised to find valuable items in your possession lying somewhere in store. Whether it is a card collection, collectable memorabilia, antiques or even old cassettes and CDs, there are shops that take in used and old goods for cash. Just make sure to check for the value of some of these old collectibles online because you might be sitting on a potential goldmine!


4) Sell your car to Carsome!

If you have not heard of Carsome, it is a one-stop car-selling service that makes it easy to sell your second-hand car in 4 simple steps.  You only need to make a 2-minute appointment booking online at Carsome’s website. Then, send your car to one of Carsome’s inspection centers for a 30-minute inspection process. Upon agreement of sale, we will manage the vehicle ownership transfer and all necessary paperwork for you within the same day.  You can receive the payment in your bank account within 1 hour*!


Carsome is Professional, Convenient and Fast

Our service ensures that you receive the best value for your car based on its condition. You also have an option to choose our online bidding platform with over 1,800 certified used car dealers offering you the best price based on market demand. 


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Selling your car doesn’t have to be complicated. Carsome does it professionally, conveniently, and fast for you!

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