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Selling Your Car for Non-malaysians and Police/ Army ID Registered Vehicles!

Have you heard of our easy and hassle-free car-selling service that gets you the best price for your car? Well, CARSOME has an online bidding platform that connects sellers with over 1,000 dealers nationwide.

While we usually handle all the paperwork and processes to make it easy for anyone to sell their cars, things differ with vehicles owned by non-Malaysians.


For Non-Malaysian’s selling their cars through CARSOME

  • Before appointment and inspection, any outstanding loans of the vehicle with the bank needs to be cleared.
  • A Puspakom B5 report must be provided prior to inspection.
  • After inspection and bidding, transfer of ownership must be done at JPJ’s centre with CARSOME’s inspector.
  • When complete, transaction on the sale can be done at CARSOME’s office via e-transfer.

For owners with cars registered under Police or Army ID

  • Owners with the above are required to update their ID to the standard 12-digit NRIC civilian number before proceeding with inspection.
  • Process will then follow CARSOME’s standard step-by-step procedure.

Due to the recent policy changes by the JPJ (Road and Transport Department of Malaysia), non-Malaysian car owners are first required to clear any outstanding loans with the bank and provide a Puspakom B5 report before we are allowed to process your vehicle through CARSOME’s bidding platform.


Puspakom is Malaysia’s national vehicle inspection company that is appointed by the Malaysian government to undertake all mandatory inspections for commercial and private vehicles. The Puspakom B5 report (from transfer of ownership inspection) is needed to detail the condition of the vehicle and protects the new vehicle owner from illegal purchases.

With the B5 report, we are able to process the vehicle and provide an offer or put it onto our bidding platform. However, when complete, the owner will be required to complete transfer of ownership with our inspector at JPJ’s centre, where customer’s biometrics will be recorded.

Perhaps you are a Malaysian but have a car registered under Police or Army ID?

We do that too! The selling procedure is identical to our standard process, however owners with vehicles registered under these IDs are required to update them to the standard 12-digit NRIC civilian number before we can proceed with inspection, bidding and ownership transfer!



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