Car Tax (SST) Exemption Extended to 30 June 2022

With the country still recovering economically from previous lockdowns, an extension of the car sales and service tax (SST) exemption on all passenger vehicles has been announced during the 2022 National Budget presentation. It is extended for another six months from 1 January to 30 June 2022 for new CKD and CBU cars. The decision was made to encourage new car purchases which will drive the growth of the country’s automotive sector and the overall economy. The SST exemption is for all passenger vehicles (including MPVs and SUVs) but does not include trucks that are considered commercial vehicles.

This SST exemption is part of the Malaysian government’s Penjana program to stimulate the local economy. The sales tax (SST) Exemption would cover:

  1. 100% for CKD (locally assembled) cars
  2. 50% for CBU (fully imported) cars

2021 Car Tax Exemption

List of Latest SST Exempted Car Prices

The following is a list of the latest prices announced by the different car companies after tax exemption. So, if you missed the opportunity of getting a new car this past year, you can still get it at a reduced price until the 30th of June 2022. This list will be updated from time to time based on the announcement from the car manufacturers.


Perodua Model Variant Price with SST Price with 2021 SST Exemption
Axia 1.0 E (MT) RM24,090 RM23,367
1.0   G (AT) RM33,490 RM32,485
1.0 GXtra (AT) RM34,990 RM33,940
1.0 Style (AT) RM38,890 RM37,515
1.0 SE (AT) RM38,890 RM37,515
1.0 Advance (AT) RM43,190 RM41,427
Bezza 1.0 G (MT) RM34,580 RM33,456
1.0 G (AT) RM36,580 RM35,391
1.3 X (AT) RM43,980 RM42,551
1.3 Advance (AT) RM49,980 RM48,356
Myvi (2022 Facelift) 1.3 G (Without PSDA, CVT) N/A  RM45,700
1.3 G (With PSDA, CVT) N/A RM47,700
1.3 X (CVT) N/A RM49,900
1.5 H (CVT) N/A RM53,900
1.5 AV (CVT) N/A RM58,800
Alza 1.5 S (MT) RM51,490 RM49,944
1.5 S (AT) RM54,290 RM52,661
1.5 SE (AT) RM56,890 RM55,186
1.5 Advance (AT) RM62,690 RM60,525
Aruz 1.5 X (AT) RM72,900 RM68,526
1.5 Advance (AT) RM77,900 RM73,226


Proton Model Variant Price with SST Price with 2021 SST Exemption
Saga 1.3 Standard (MT) RM32,800 RM32,400
1.3 Standard (AT) RM35,800 RM35,300
1.3 Premium (AT) RM39,800 RM39,300
Iriz 1.3 Standard (MT) RM36,700 RM36,200
1.3 Standard (CVT) RM39,700 RM39,200
1.3 Executive (CVT) RM44,700 RM44,100
1.6 Executive (CVT) RM46,700 RM46,000
1.6 Premium (CVT) RM50,700 RM49,900
Persona 1.6 Standard (MT) RM42,600 RM42,100
1.6 Standard (CVT) RM44,600 RM44,000
1.6 Executive (CVT) RM49,600 RM48,900
1.6 Premium (CVT) RM54,600 RM53,700
X70 1.8 TGDI Standard 2WD RM94,800 RM89,900
1.8 TGDI Executive 2WD RM106,800 RM101,000
1.8 TGDI Premium 2WD RM119,800 RM113,100
1.8 TGDI Premium X 2WD RM122,800 RM115,100
Exora 1.6 Executive (CVT) RM59,800 RM57,300
1.6 Premium (CVT) RM66,800 RM64,800


Honda Model Variant Colour Price with SST Price with 2021 SST Exemption
Jazz 1.5 S Standard RM75,300.00 RM72,511.54
White Orchid Pearl RM75,420.00 RM72,620.64
1.5 E Standard RM81,400.00 RM78,161.82
White Orchid Pearl RM81,520.00 RM78,270.91
1.5 V Standard RM88,700.00 RM84,955.45
White Orchid Pearl RM88,820.00 RM85,064.54
City 1.5 S Standard RM78,500.00 RM75,295.36
White Orchid Pearl RM78,620.00 RM75,404.45
1.5 E Standard RM84,600.00 RM80,978.91
White Orchid Pearl RM84,720.00 RM81,088.00
1.5 V Standard RM91,600.00 RM87,600.63
White Orchid Pearl RM91,720.00 RM87,709.73
Civic 1.8 S Standard RM113,600.00 RM109,326.51
White Orchid Pearl RM113,900.00 RM109,599.24
1.5 TC Standard RM129,600.00 RM125,081.09
White Orchid Pearl RM129,900.00 RM125,353.82
1.5 TC-P Standard RM139,600.00 RM134,661.28
White Orchid Pearl RM139,900.00 RM134,934.00
Accord 1.5 TC Standard RM185,900.00 RM178,203.00
White Orchid Pearl RM186,300.00 RM178,566.64
1.5 TC-P Standard RM195,900.00 RM187,390.73
White Orchid Pearl RM196,300.00 RM187,754.37
BR-V 1.5 E Standard RM89,900.00 RM86,726.00
White Orchid Pearl RM90,200.00 RM86,998.73
1.5 V Standard RM96,900.00 RM93,420.27
White Orchid Pearl RM97,200.00 RM93,693.00
HR-V 1.8 E Standard RM108,800.00 RM104,000.21
White Orchid Pearl RM109,100.00 RM104,272.94
1.8 V Standard RM118,800.00 RM113,421.92
White Orchid Pearl RM119,100.00 RM113,694.65
1.8 RS Standard RM124,800.00 RM118,581.81
White Orchid Pearl RM125,100.00 RM118,854.54


2.0 2WD Standard RM151,100.00 RM144,629.66
White Orchid Pearl RM151,500.00 RM144,993.30
1.5 TC 2WD Standard RM163,700.00 RM157,243.00
White Orchid Pearl RM164,100.00 RM157,606.64
1.5 TC 4WD Standard RM169,500.00 RM162,871.46
White Orchid Pearl RM169,900.00 RM163,235.09
1.5 TC-P 2WD Standard RM175,900.00 RM168,465.73
White Orchid Pearl RM176,300.00 RM168,829.37
Odyssey 2.4 EXV Standard RM258,896.00 RM249,393.53


Nissan Model Variant Price With SST Price with 2021 SST Exemption
Almera 1.SL E AT RM69,888 RM65,699
1.SL VL AT RM79,888 RM75,419
1.SL E AT Black Series RM78,388 RM74,199
1.SL VL AT Black Series RMBS,388 RM83,919
Serena S-Hybrid 2.0L Highway Star RM132,888 RM127,524
2.OL Premium Highway Star with Black Package RM142,888 RM137,524
2.OL Premium Highway Star with Two-Tone Package RM144,888 RM139.524
X-Trail 2.0L 2WD RM133,888 RM128.630
2.0L 2WD Mid RM145,888 RM139,643
2.5L 4WD RM153,888 RM146,731
2.0L Hybrid RM159,888 RM157,451
2.0L 2WO Aero Edition RM138,888 RM133,630
2.0L 2WO Mid Aero Edition RM150.888 RM144,643
2.5L 4WO Aero Edition RM158,888 RM151,731
2.0L Hybrid Aero Edition RM164,888 RM162,451
2.0L 2WO X-Tremer RM140,888 RM135,630
2.0L 2WO Mid X-Tremer RM152,888 RM146,643
2.5L 4WO X-Tremer RM160,888 RM153,731
2.0L Hybrid X-Tremer RM166,888 RM164,451
Leaf 40 kWh RM188,888 RM181.263
Navara 2.5L SE MT RM98,888 RM98,888
2.SL SE AT RM100,888 RM103.888
2.SL V AT RM115,888 RM115,888
2.SL VL AT RM 123,888 RM123,888
2.SL VL Plus AT RM129,888 RM129,888
2.SL SEAT Black Series RM113,888 RM113888
2.SL V AT Black Series RM123,388 RM123,388
2.5LVL AT Black Series RM128,888 RM128,888
2.5LVL Plus AT Black Series RM134,888 RM134,888


Toyota Model Variant Price With SST Price with 2021 SST Exemption
Yaris 1.5J RM70,,888 RM69,576
1.5E RM76,888 RM75,479
1.5G RM83,888 RM82,475
Vios 1.5J RM77,200 RM76,101
1.5E RM81,200 RM80,074
1.5G RM87,300 RM86,132
Corolla 1.8E RM128,888 RM123,972
1.8G RM139,888 RM134,505
Camry 2.5V RM196,888 RM188,763
Rush 1.5G RM93,000 RM88,314
1.5S RM97,000 RM91,885
C-HR 1.8L RM150,000 RM144,336
RAV4 2.0L RM203,880 RM196,436
2.5L RM223,880 RM215,665
Harrier 2.0T Premium RM243,000 RM234,510
2.0T Luxury RM266,000 RM256,396
Fortuner 2.4 4×4 RM171,000 RM162,178
2.4 VRZ 4×4 RM195,600 RM184,431
2.7 SRZ 4.4 RM181,200 RM172,523
Hilux S/Cab 2.4 MT 4×4 RM90,000 RM90,000
2.4 STD MT 4×4 RM100,000 RM100,000
2.4G MT 4×4 RM110,000 RM110,000
2.4G AT 4×4 RM118,100 RM118,100
2.4 L-Edition  4×4 RM124,000 RM124,000
2.8 Black Edition 4×4 RM139,000 RM139,000
Avanza 1.5E RM80,888 RM77,963
1.5S RM83,888 RM80,849
1.5S+ RM87,888 RM84,849
Innova 2.0E MT (Taxi) RM84,325 RM84,325
2.0E RM115,280 RM110,034
2.0G RM123,400 RM117,364
2.0X RM132,400 RM127,126
Velllfire 2.5L RM382,300 RM367,881
Alphard 3.5L RM464,000 RM446,609
Hiace Panel Van 2.5TD RM98,000 RMRM98,000


Mitsubishi Model Variant Price with SST Price with 2021 SST Exemption
Outlander 2.0L 4WD RM137,888 RM133,491
2.4L 4WD RM152,888 RM147,762
ASX 2.0L 2WD RM118,866 RM111,628
2.0L 4WD RM133,336 RM125,182
Triton (known as a commercial car) 2.5 Quest MT 4X2 RM79,890 RM79,890
2.4 VGT MT 4X4 RM100,200 RM100,200
2.4 VGT AT 4X4 RM105,990 RM105,990
2.4 VGT MT Premium 4X4 RM113,300 RM113,300
2.4 VGT AT Premium 4X4 RM121,000 RM121,000
2.4 VGT AT Adventure X 4X4 RM137,900 RM137,900



Mercedes Benz Model Variant Price With SST Price with 2021 SST Exemption
A-Class Hatchback A200 Progressive Line RM227 888     RM219 263
A250 AMG Line RM263,888 RM253,594
AMG A35 Edition 1 RM379,888 RM366,785
AMG A45S Edition 1 RM459,888 RM443,270
A-Class Sedan A 200 Progressive line RM229,888 RM222,121
A250 AMG Line RM267,888 RM259,255
AMG A35 RM348,888 RM336,278
CLA AMG CLA45S Edition 1 RM446,888 RM433,802
GLA GLA200 Style RM223,888 RM216,154
GLA200 Night Edition RM244,888 RM237,154
GLA250 AMG Line RM274,888 RM266,210
AMG GLA45 RM413,888 RM401,458
B-Class 8200 Progressive Line RM239,888 RM230.940
C-Class Sedan C200 Avantgarde RM259,888 RM250,283
C300 AMG Line RM304,999 RM293,800
AMG C43 RM421,888 RM401,115
AMG C63S RM768,888 RM744,981
C-CLass Coupe C200 Coupe AMG Line RM346,888 RM335,038
C300 Coupe AMG Line RM416,888 RM403,184
AMG C43 Coupe RM577,888 RM558,270
AMG C63S Coupe RM820,888 RM794,682
GLC GLC200 RM299,888 RM286,379
GLC300 AMG Line RM349,888 RM333,157
AMG GLC43 RM471,888 RM442,606
AMG GLC63S RM915,888 RM884,542
GLC Coupe GLC300 Coupe AMG Line RM419,888 RM396,870
AMG GLC63S Coupe RM940,888 RM912,283
E-Class Sedan E200 Sportstyle Avantgarde RM329,888 RM318,270
E300 Exclusive Line RM379,888 RM367,062
E350 AMG Line   RM399,888 RM384,524
E-Class Coupe E200 Coupe AMG line RM450,888 RM435,898
E300 Coupe AMG Line RM528,888 RM511,700
GLE GLE450 AMG Line (7 Seater) RM608,888 RM584.721
GLE Coupe GLE400 Coupe     RM641,888 RM621,660
AMG GLE43 Coupe RM714,888 RM692,387
S-Class 5450 AMG Line RM699,888 RM650,113
5560e RM658,888 RM646,626
CLS CLS350 AMG Line RM570,888 RM552,914
CLS450 AMG Line RM698,888 RM675,254


BMW Model Variant Price With SST Price with 2021 SST Exemption
3 Series 320i Sport RM248,800 RM241,794
330i M Sport RM293,800 RM286,187
6 Series 630i Gran Turismo M Sport RM438,800 RM430,800
7 Series 740Le xDrive RM598,800 RM569,052
8 Series 840i Gran Coupe M Sport RM968,800 RM937,411
X1 sDrive20i M Sport RM233,800 RM225,410
X3 xDrive30i Luxury RM313,800 RM304,234
xDrive30i M Sport RM328,800 RM319,163
X4 xDrive30i M Sport RM375,800 RM364,062
X5 xDrive45e M Sport RM448,800 RM440,745
X6 xDrive40i M Sport RM729,800 RM703,947
X7 xDrive40i Pure Excellencet RM888,800 RM861,846
Z4 sDrive30i M Sport RM479,800 RM464,510
i3s 120 Ah RM278,800 RM268,823

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