RON 95 is now Euro 4M compliant at Shell, Caltex, Petron and Petronas

In meeting the Malaysian government’s mandate for the implementation of Euro 4M for RON 95 petrol by 1 January 2020, Shell, Caltex, Petron and Petronas have all rolled out the new fuel standard at their stations nationwide.

The new fuel standard is part of the government’s roadmap, which was introduced in 2006 and is part of the National Green Technology Policy 2009. The goal is to increase the quality of fuels which results in reducing environmental pollution and its impact on public health.


The Malaysian modified Euro 4 fuel specification, dubbed Euro 4M would reduce the maximum allowable sulphur content in petrol and diesel fuel from the current standard of 500 parts per million (ppm) to 50 ppm. A lower sulphur content is essentially cleaner for the environment and better for engines as it leads to lower vehicle emissions.


The Euro 4M grade RON 95 petrol now joins the other Euro 4M RON 97 which was introduced in September 2015, as well as Euro 5 diesel since November 2014.

As of publication, RON 95 and Euro 5 diesel prices are unchanged at RM 2.08 and RM 2.28 per litre respectively while RON 97 is priced at RM 2.58.


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