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Buying Cars Online: Here’s Why It’s Here to Stay

With the rise of online e-commerce platforms, we are buying more things online. And since the last pandemic, that’s already becoming a norm, especially among younger shoppers. While many would think that online shopping is limited to smaller items like food, clothes, and electronics, we are also actually buying more cars online than ever before. 

So is this just a temporary post-pandemic trend, or is it here to stay? We say 2023 is when buying your car online becomes the norm, and here are reasons it’s not going anywhere.

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The Rise of Online Car Platforms

One of the main reasons for the shift to buying cars online is the increasing availability of online platforms. Besides reputable online platforms such as CARSOME, car manufacturers and dealerships are starting to have their own online platforms as well. These allow you to browse the cars, compare different models, customize your vehicle, and even complete the entire purchase process without stepping foot in a physical dealership. Safety concerns during COVID-19 also drove more car buyers to shop online and take advantage of the features of these online platforms.

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The next factor driving consumers to buy their cars online is the convenience it offers. You are now able to shop for cars from the comfort of your own home, so you don’t need to spend hours visiting multiple dealerships, trying to find the right car at the right price.

Instead, you can compare prices, features, and reviews from multiple sources, and make a more informed decision. For buyers who’re looking to buy a used car online, CARSOME has other helpful features and services such as 360-degree views of the car, a loan calculator, and even doorstep delivery. All these can further help to reduce the need for in-person visits.

Access to a Variety of Cars

Another benefit of buying cars online is the easy access to a wide variety of cars and brands. You aren’t limited by geographic location when you buy online and therefore can look at a wider selection of cars from multiple platforms or dealerships. This can be especially beneficial for consumers in rural areas or for those looking for a specific make or model that may not be available at a local dealership. For instance, CARSOME has over 1,000 models from close to 30 car brands, and they’re all available for you to purchase.

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Now, online car purchasing doesn’t come without its challenges. Here are some notable concerns that you may have with it and the solutions that online car platforms offer.


Some consumers may be concerned about the difficulty in verifying the condition of a car online and are wary of possible hidden fees. Whether you buy a new or used car, you’d want to feel out the car in person and see if it really fits your needs, personality, and lifestyle. Fortunately, most online platforms, including CARSOME, provide detailed information on the car including its specifications and inspection report. 

Of course, independent platforms and carmakers still have showrooms that you can visit to view and test drive the car you’re interested in. Most online car-selling platforms also outline what you get with the car and exactly how much you need to pay for it, so you don’t need to worry about hidden fees. 

At CARSOME, all the prices listed on our website are fixed and already include the road tax, PUSPAKOM inspection fee, loan processing fee, ownership transfer fee, and one-year warranty. So the price you see is exactly what you need to pay.

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Lack of Personal Interaction

Another concern for consumers who’re buying a car online is the risk of having a cold, impersonal buying experience. The good news is, you won’t need to worry about that. Businesses know how important it is to provide a pleasant shopping experience to their customers, and it’s no different in the auto industry.

Online platforms provide plenty of human support to guide you and answer your questions. In fact, it’s just like having a consultation at a car showroom except that it may not be the first step in your car-buying journey. When you buy a car from CARSOME, our consultants will guide you every step of the way including attending to you during your test-drive, helping you with the paperwork, and finally arranging the delivery of your car.

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You can choose to complete the whole car-buying process online or take a hybrid approach and inspect the car in person first. And no matter which approach you take, it’s certain that the online experience is now a big part of buying a car. As online shopping continues to grow among consumers, buying cars online is also becoming the preferred way to own a car.

Visit CARSOME to find the right car today or download our app from the Google Play Store or Apple App Store.

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