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5 Driving Tips For This Holiday Season by Bosch

The school holiday season is just around the corner and it is the time of year where families will be planning that local roadtrip just to getaway. Considering that your journey will most likely be by car, Bosch has prepared some handy tips before you hit the road.


Servicing and Inspection

This should be a common practice for vehicle owners to follow before heading on a roadtrip. You can always keep track of your vehicle’s service and maintenance schedule by referring to the service sticker placed on your windshield. Whether or not your car is due for a service soon, you should book an appointment with your service centre before you head out.


Why? If not for a fluid change like engine or transmission oil, you must also have your mechanic check your car’s wipers, battery, brakes, coolant and brake fluid. It is important to replace or replenish any of these items if they are not at an optimum condition or level. Remember that detecting issues early can prevent unwanted problems.



It is good practice to keep your tyre pressure in check fortnightly. This not only prevents uneven wear and tear, but also improves your vehicle’s fuel economy and keeps you safe. If there are noticeable signs of wear or cracks on any sections of the tyre, it is good to head to your nearest mechanic or tyre specialist to get it fixed. Also don’t forget to check and inflate your spare tyre!


Child Car Seat

If you are travelling with a child, do fit a booster or child seat in your car. Ensure that the seat is anchored correctly and keep them fastened while you are at the wheel. For families with babies and toddlers, it is highly recommended to utilise a rear-facing car seat as research shows that it could reduce the risk of injury by more than 80% compared to a front-facing car seat during a head-on collision.


Route Planning & Timing

To prevent being stuck in a traffic standstill, you could look at travel time advisories updated by highway concessionaires. With this info, you could plan your journey by leaving at the right time. If it involves you leaving early morning before sunrise or after midnight, do make sure you are well rested before hitting the road. If you are feeling sleepy or tired while driving, make sure to head to the closest R&R to get some rest.


Since you will be relying on your mobile phone for navigation or to contact someone during an emergency, do bring along a car charger or power bank to keep it fully charged.


Luggage & Other Essentials

One of the best way to make your travels fuss-free is to pack light and easy – bring along what’s only necessary for your getaway. Other essentials you should consider bringing along are two bottles of drinking water to stay hydrated and energy snacks to keep you awake. Besides that, it’s also important to ensure your vehicle’s emergency kit (travel-sized first aid kit, wheel jack, tools, spare tyre, torchlight, and reflective rain jacket) are in place and properly maintained. Other than that, you’re good to go on your roadtrip!



Keep this image handy with you as a guide!


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