Land Travel from Malaysia to Singapore: What to Do Before Your Road Trip

After two years of land border closure, Singapore has finally opened up its borders allowing for easier traveling into the country. The borders opened on 1 April 2022 and you can now travel from Malaysia to Singapore without testing for COVID or quarantining. The same also applies when you return to Malaysia. 

So if you’ve been wanting to make a trip to Singapore, now is the time when you can finally do that. Here we’ve outlined the things you should know before making your quarantine free travel to Singapore.

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How Can I Travel via Land to Singapore?

With the reopening of the border, you can travel from Malaysia to Singapore by private transport, be it in a car or on a motorcycle. You can also use the designated vaccinated travel bus services (VTBS). 

The VTBS replaces the Vaccinated Travel Lane (VTL) Bus Services and will continue to serve travelers while the Malaysian and Singaporean authorities are working to restore the cross-border public bus services. You can travel to Singapore without needing to take a COVID-19 test if you are:

  • A fully vaccinated individual above the age of 12.
  • A non-fully vaccinated child aged 12 and below.

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Checklist for Your Land Travel from Malaysia to Singapore

Before going on your road trip to Singapore, there are several things that you need to prepare besides your passport. Here are the items you need for quarantine-free travel to Singapore.

1. Prepare Your COVID-19 Vaccination Documentation

Firstly, you need to be fully vaccinated and have proof of vaccination in the form of a Digitally Verifiable Vaccination Certificate (DVC), which, in this case, is the digital vaccination certificate on your MySejahtera app. Be mindful that being fully vaccinated includes a complete two-dose vaccination status.

You then need to verify your vaccination status on the Vaccination Check Portal. Upon verification, you’ll be issued a vaccination certificate acceptance letter which may be used if requested at the Singapore immigration or during airline, ferry, and bus boarding.

2. Obtain a Vehicle Entry Permit (VEP) Autopass Card

If you’re driving from Malaysia to Singapore in a foreign-registered (ie. Malaysian) vehicle, you need to have a valid Autopass card and an approval email from the Singapore Land Transport Authority (LTA). 

The Autopass Card serves as a Vehicle Entry Permit (VEP) for both cars and motorcycles. It’s used to pay the entry and exit fees in Singapore as well as to record your vehicle’s entry into Singapore. You can only apply for the Autopass Card on the LTA’s OneMotoring website by navigating to Digital Services, Apply for VEP / Autopass Card. Do note that the VEP approval email is only valid for 14 days. Also, make sure to have valid road tax and vehicle insurance.

3. Fill In Your SG Arrival Card

All travelers to Singapore including from Malaysia needs to fill in the SG Arrival Card (SGAC) declaration online. The SGAC is a declaration of your travel and health details that needs to be filled up to three days prior to entering Singapore. You can submit your arrival information as an individual and as a group of up to 10 people, making it easy if you’re traveling with your family or in a group of friends.

4. Install the TraceTogether App

The TraceTogether app is a contact tracing mobile app similar to Malaysia’s MySejahtera. It will help you check in to locations and make for a smoother quarantine-free trip in Singapore. You can install and set up the app following this guide but do note that you only need to activate the app after clearing immigration. Children aged six or below are exempted from installing TraceTogether.

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