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Is It Better to Sell to a Friend or a Car Website?


Here’s a fact. At some point when selling a car has been necessary, we’ve all had or consulted a friend for advice. Why not a car dealer first? Reasons could be convenience, hassle of haggling, a friend wanted to take it off our hands or just that it made sense to do so. Despite this, very few do actually sell cars to their buddies; because it has to be certain that the car is in good condition to benefit your friend and most of all, not put the friendship at bay.

Can It Be A Win-Win Situation?

Executive chairman of Alibaba Group Jack Ma once said, “When selling to close friends and family, no matter how much you’re selling, they’ll always feel you’re earning their money, no matter how cheap you sell to them, appreciation is far and few.”

There’s truth to that statement, as the question of “how much did they earn rather than how much have I saved” will linger in their minds. Most of the time, many do not look into time and effort needed during a transaction.

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This comes to the point – ‘Do you treat your friend as a sales client or merely a friend?’. In many cases, if you’re looking to make money by having your car pitched to and sold to your friends, you run the risk of detaching friendships. This would mean years of friendships coming apart due to disagreements in the process of selling a car to your friend. What about other options?

Getting End User Pricing

One of the plus sides in selling to a friend is that you would obtain an end user price for the sale, instead of going through any middle-men or third-party distribution. There would be less haggling, and you could trust your friend that he or she parts with the vehicle, still in good condition.

Selling On A Car Website

There are other options out there. Car classifieds where you have to put your car up for sale and wait for various prospective buyers to call you. You could also head to a few car dealers and hope to get the best price for your car. But there’s also CARSOME. Here are some of the perks that CARSOME offers when you sell with us.

Deal in 24 Hours

With CARSOME, you can sell your car within 24 hours should you choose to accept the final offer after inspection. Otherwise, there is an option to put your vehicle up for a three-hour bidding where 900 dealers across Malaysia will have access to bid for your car. At the end of the bidding, you have 24 hours to decide whether to accept the highest bid offer.

No Hassle with Paperwork

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One of the troublesome parts of selling a car is the paperwork. Think of the process at Puspakom and JPJ where you’ll need the B5 or K3 forms to get things going. Fret not, as CARSOME handles all the necessary procedures including ownership transfer and payment. You will only deal with CARSOME and there will be no third party involved.

Almost Instant Payment

With a normal transaction, you can choose either cash on delivery, cheque or online transfer. If you have agreed on cash on delivery, you’ll then need to include the full settlement of any outstanding balance to the finance company before passing over your car. Later, payment will be settled by CARSOME representatives and it will be wired into your bank account instantly via online banking once transfer of ownership is done. The amount will be shown in your bank account within one working day. It is that quick, and that simple.

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