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EV Charging Stations in Pahang and in Genting Highlands.

Electric Vehicle (EV) Chargers in Pahang

Pahang offers an array of attractions, from the serene beaches of Kuantan to the historic gold mines in Raub, along with vibrant cultural festivals showcasing the Malay heritage. With the convenience of modern EV charging infrastructure, you can explore Pahang sustainably, whether you’re chasing waterfalls, indulging in local gastronomy, or participating in traditional ceremonies. By choosing to charge your EV in Pahang, you contribute to preserving its natural wonders for generations to come while immersing yourself in its beauty and culture.

With that, here are all the EV chargers in the region for a greener road trip:

Star-Well Hotel Wall (BS1363)  3
Park View Hotel, Jerantut Wall (BS1363) 1
Kampungstay Desa Murni Type 2 1
Shell R&R Temerloh Timur Wall (BS1363)  2
Petronas Gambang R&R Arah Timur  CSS/SAE 2
Petronas Gambang R&R Arah Barat CHAdeMO, CSS/SAE, Type 2 3
CEE4EV- UMP GAMBANG Three-phase, Type 2 2
Hyatt Regency Kuantan Engineering Wall 1
ChargeSini Station BLH ECOENERGY Type 2 2
ChargeSini Station MBK HQ Type 2 2
Petronas Lebuhraya Karak Arah KL Type 2 1
Kampungstay Desa Murni  CCS/SAE, Type 2 2
Gentari @ Petronas KM26 Jalan Gambang CSS/SAE 1
Shazan Hotel Kuantan  Type 2 2
Mega View Hotel CSS/SAE 4
TJM Cars Kuantan CHAdeMO, CSS/SAE 2
BMW Millennium Welt Kuantan Type 2, CSS/SAE 2
Hotel Grand Continental Kuantan Wall (BS1363) 1
ChargeSini Station Starbucks Megamall Kuantan Type 2 2
ChargeSini Station BLH ECOENERGY Type 2 2
Petronas Peramu 2
Restoran D’Olio, Puncak Inn Hotel Wall (BS1363) 1
Petronas Starbucks Ulu Bernam R&R Southbound Type 2 1
ChargeSini Station Kasturi Resort Type 2 2
Royal Chulan Cherating Villa  Type 2 2
Club Med Cherating Parking Wall (BS1363) 1
Club Med Cherating Wall (BS1363) 1

EV Chargers in Genting Highlands, Pahang

GEO Resort & Hotel Wall (BS1363) 5
Windmill Upon Hills Type 2 2
66 Corner Wall (BS1363) 2
Awana Parking Lot Wall (BS1363) 3
Genting Premium Outlet Type 2 (9), Wall (BS1363) (3) 12
GEO Resort & Hotel Wall (BS1363) 5
Highlands Hotel Wall (BS1363) 1
Resort World Genting Wall (BS1363) 4
Grand Ion Delemen Hotel Wall (BS1363)  2
Petronas Genting Sempah  Type 2, Wall (BS1363) 3

EV Chargers in Cameron Highland, Pahang

Restoran D’Olio, Puncak Inn Hotel  Wall (BS1363) 1
Park View Hotel Wall (BS1363)  1
Avillion Hotel Cameron Highlands Wall (BS1363)  3
NexTron Parkland Apartment Type 2 1
NexTron Parkland Hotel  Type 2 1
Copthorne Hotel Cameron Highlands Type 2 (4), Three Phase (1), CSS/SAE (1) 6
Star-Well Hotel Wall (BS1363)  3

As Pahang continues to promote eco-friendly travel, its expanding network of EV chargers enhances the accessibility of its treasures. So, plan your eco-conscious adventure today and discover the enchanting landscapes and vibrant traditions of Pahang, where EV chargers empower you to explore responsibly, reduce your environmental impact, and create lasting memories.


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