Car Reviews

Top 5 City Cars You Should Consider (Mid-2015 Edition)

City cars should be easy to drive, have decent power under the hood, yet is family friendly with some space in the passenger area. They should also focus on safety and comfort to assure the everyday city driver. We present to you; the top 5 cars to take you around the city.

The Battle of Executives: Honda Accord Vs Toyota Camry

With the new Toyota Camry entering the ring, the feud between Honda and Toyota in the executive sedan segment has just returned and gotten stronger. In a lonely market that used to be dominated by the Toyota Camry, it was a welcome change to see the new Honda Accord put up a strong fight. Read more here.

The Car Challenge: Sedans VS SUV

Before choosing a car make or model, you first have to decide on the class of car you want. So today, we’ll help you out. We’ll be comparing two popular classes of cars – the sedan and the sports utility vehicle (SUV). Read more here.

5 Underrated Cars Under RM100,000

Your first car is a big thing. It’s like your first date with your first love. It may not be the best experience you’ve ever had, but it’s something you’re darn proud about. Especially when you’ve spent your own dough on that very first ride. Read more here.