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CARSOME Celebrates Labor Day: Honoring the Unsung Heroes of the Company

In Malaysia, Labor Day is celebrated on May 1st every year to honor the contributions of workers to the nation’s economy and society. This public holiday is also known as “Hari Pekerja” or “Hari Buruh” in the Malay language. On this day, many Malaysians take the opportunity to relax and have fun with family and friends. Additionally, Labor Day serves as a reminder of the struggles faced by workers in the past and present, as well as the ongoing efforts to improve working conditions and protect workers’ rights.

Being on the ground is tough work.Being on the ground is hard work. From handling hundreds of customers on a daily basis to arranging financing applications, and inspecting and refurbishing vehicles, these are the stories of unsung heroes of CARSOME that keep us going. 

At CARSOME, we are grateful for the work of our colleagues at CARSOME Certified Lab (CCL), Inspection Centers, and Automall who play crucial roles in providing high-quality cars and services to our customers. In conjunction with Labor Day, we’ve interviewed some key staff who are the backbone of our outlets. Come see how their work drives CARSOME forward!

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A Day at CARSOME Inspection Center

Before the journey starts at CARSOME, all cars begin their life at the Inspection Centers (IC), where our car inspectors stationed here will conduct thorough assessments and inspections on every vehicle, take note of their condition including damages, and go for a quick test drive. Then, they will compile a report with their findings before appraising the vehicle’s value to the customer. Once the inspection is done, and the customer accepts the payout, the car is then passed onto CARSOME Certified Lab for refurbishment. 

All vehicles in CCL are inspected carefully to avoid problems in the car. All CARSOME Certified Cars are carefully inspected by our vehicle inspectors to ensure we take in cars of quality standards. They ensure that all cars are carefully inspected before moving on to refurbishment. Without their careful inspection, the cars we take in will lack quality and CARSOME will not be known for what it is today.

Reaching out to the staff at the Inspection Center (IC) about a message they would like to pass on to other staff members of CARSOME, they had plenty to say. First and foremost, taking care of your mind and body goes a long way. Being stationed on the ground is a grueling and tiring process. Treasure the little time off work that we have and spend it with your friends, family, and loved ones. If you’re single, there is also no harm in spending some alone time by yourself too! Maintaining a healthy body and mind is akin to having a well-oiled machine and it can take you to greater heights with the right work mindset. 

Furthermore, the inspectors also advised keeping your cars clean, routinely serviced, and use only original parts if anything in the car needs to be replaced. 

The Inner Workings of CARSOME Certified Lab

At CCL, it is the largest, state-of-the-art car refurbishment center operated in Southeast Asia. The center is manned by highly skilled technicians and specialists who are able to work on up to 30 of the most popular brands in the region. 

To start off, we interviewed some QC (quality control) staff for their job responsibilities here – A Quality Control staff member, assistant Lead Consultant, and Consultant Leader about their roles here in CCL. They work hard to ensure that each car that comes in for an inspection is carefully inspected and professionally refurbished to maintain quality. 

When a car comes in for inspection, the assistant Lead Consultant assigns an inspector to perform a 175-point inspection of the vehicle before writing a report. Then the report is used to get a quotation to estimate how much it will cost to refurbish the car. After the car is refurbished, the Consultant Leader assigns another inspector and someone from Quality Control to inspect the vehicle one more time to ensure it is roadworthy.

Without their trained eye and professional inspection, the quality of the cars we have in our inventory will be severely compromised. It is through their hard work of conducting thorough inspections to make sure every car we sell is a vehicle of quality to give you peace of mind with every purchase! 

If there’s one message the CCL staff would like to pass on to all car owners reading this, they urge you to send your vehicle in for its monthly service and keep it clean at all times. This makes their jobs much easier and allows your car to be appraised at a higher price when sold to CARSOME!

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Our Friendly Sales Team at Our CARSOME PJ Automall

At Automall, our Sales Consultants guide customers in their journey to choosing the right vehicle that suits their budget and needs. They are the front-liners in dealing with customers who come to our cars. Their invaluable soft skills are what make them the best at what they do, which is to pair customers with the right cars. Without them, we’d have a harder time matching the right cars to you and CARSOME wouldn’t be able to grow into the awesome company it is today! 

Working in sales and customer service can be a grueling job, especially dealing with sometimes up to a hundred people on a daily basis. After asking someone from the sales team what message they would like us to relay to the public, all they ask is to treat them nicely and with respect. At the end of the day, our sales team are still humans with emotions too. 

The sales team also has a pro tip for future car buyers. They can help you speed up the buying and selling process if you come prepared with all the required documents! Below here is a good reference on what documents to prepare if you want to buy and sell a car in Malaysia.

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In light of this Labor Day, CARSOME celebrates the unrelenting effort and sacrifice of all our staff members, especially those who will be working on Labor Day. It is their commitment, loyalty, and dedication which built the very foundations making CARSOME what it is today. With that, we wish you a Happy Labor Day to all! 

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