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Chinese Electric Cars Under RM150K

Electric vehicles (EVs) are no doubt the future of mobility in advanced and developing countries. In China, automotive manufacturers like BYD, Geely, and Nio are engaged in fierce competition to offer more affordable means of electrical mobility to consumers. 

The same phenomenon is also happening in Malaysia with the launch of electric car brands like Tesla, Ora, Neta, and BYD in our local market. Previously, electric cars used to be toys for the rich, but now, Malaysians can be spoiled for choice with Chinese electric cars starting from only RM99,800!

With that, here is a list of four affordable electric cars  officially available in Malaysia for your consideration:

BYD Atto 3 – An Affordable Electric Car Starting from RM149,800

BYD Atto 3, an affordable Chinese electric car under RM150k

The BYD Atto 3 is a Chinese electric car sold at a reasonable price with outstanding performance and range. BYD SD Motors Malaysia launched this model in December 2022 and offers a modern design with plenty of advanced features.

Currently, there are two variants for the BYD Atto 3 – the Standard Range equipped with a 49.92 kWh battery offering a range of up to 410 km (NEDC) or 345 km (WLTP) priced at RM149,800. 

The Extended Range variant is equipped with a larger 60.48 kWh battery and a range of 480 km (NEDC) or 420 km (WLTP) priced at RM 167,800

Ora Good Cat – Another Affordable Electric Car Starting from RM139,800

Ora Good Cat 400 Pro, another Chinese electric vehicle under RM150KOfficially launched in Malaysia in November 2022 by Great Wall Motors, the Ora Good Cat is an electric car that offers a cute design and advanced technology in an affordable package.

You can get the Ora Good Cat in two variant options – the 400 Pro priced at RM139,800 with a 47.8 kWh battery offering a range of up to 400 km (NEDC), and the 500 Ultra priced at RM169,800 with a larger 63.1 kWh battery providing a range of up to 500 km (NEDC).

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BYD Dolphin

BYD Dolphin, an upcoming Chinese electric car in Malaysia under RM150k

Starting from RM99,900 The BYD Dolphin is one of the most affordable Chinese electric cars in Malaysia at the moment, offering an elegant and modern design along with advanced technology.

The Dolphin can be had in two variants – the base variant, the BYD Dolphin Dynamic Standard priced at RM99,900, and the Premium Extended Range variant priced at RM124,900. Both variants of the BYD Dolphin come equipped with Blade Lithium Iron Phosphate (LFP) batteries.

In the Dynamic Standard Range variant, the battery capacity is 44.92 kWh, providing a driving range of up to 410 km according to NEDC standards (340 km WLTP). Meanwhile, the Premium Extended Range variant offers a driving range of up to 490 km (427 km WLTP) based on NEDC standards, with a higher battery capacity of 60.48 kWh.

Neta V

Neta V, an upcoming Chinese electric car under RM150K

This is the most affordable Chinese electric car in Malaysia so far! The Neta V is similar in size to a Perodua Myvi and is priced at RM99,800. This is the most practical choice for those looking for an affordable electric car.

Although marketed as a budget electric car, the Neta V is equipped with a 38.5 kWh battery that provides a range of up to 380 km on a single charge according to NEDC standards. You can drive the Neta V from Ipoh to Seremban without needing to stop charging, except when necessary.

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