Flux Aims To Redefine Car Ownership

Flux has launched their all-inclusive monthly car subscription service that aims to make driving cars more flexible and without the necessity of ownership. Their service offers of benefits of having your dream car without the drawbacks. Members pay a monthly fee to drive a car of their choice without commitment or downpayments.


At launch, Flux is offering a wide variety of car makes and models, including the compact Kia Picanto and Honda Jazz, B-segment sedans like the Toyota Vios and Honda City, and even includes SUVs like the Kia Sportage, Nissan X-Trail and Peugeot 3008. Premium luxury and even performance cars are also in their portfolio, including a range of BMWs and Mercedes-Benz models.


The subscription allows a member to switch cars when they want allowing the user to drive several cars. The plan starts with a month-to-month service or up to three years. As of now, the brand allows both Malaysians and non-Malaysians to become Flux members as long as they have a Malaysian credit card, mobile number and are above 25 years of age.


“I founded Flux to challenge the status quo and offer a better alternative to the conventional car loan, here at home in Malaysia. At Flux, we are excited to pioneer a new means to access all the benefits of having a car in your driveway, without the costs. We are proud to challenge the conventions of car ownership, working collaboratively with the leading local automotive groups. Together, we offer you freedom of choice, at unparalleled convenience. In short, Flux is the simpler way to ‘own’ your perfect car,” says Aziz Ayman, Founder & CEO of Flux.

To find out more, visit Flux’s official website.


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