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You Can Now Monitor Your Commercial Fleet With ContiConnect

Continental has launched and made its worldwide debut by introducing the ContiConnect digital tyre monitoring platform, which is the first digital tyre monitoring platform of its kind in Asia Pacific. Bridging the gap between tyre manufacturer and integrated solutions provider, ContiConnect is developed with the main objective of lowering overall driving costs, increasing efficiency and adding value for commercial vehicle fleets.


Head of Sales & Marketing, Business Region APAC Truck Tyres Philippe Barabinot noted, “It is such an exciting time for Continental in Asia Pacific. The pilot test we ran on ContiConnect in Malaysia and Thailand showered promising results. We are excited to share with our customers how ContiConnect can offer our brand promise of lowest overall driving cost and optimize fleet efficiency. This is an important step Continental is taking towards becoming an integrated solutions provider.”


Why ContiConnect?

ContiConnect helps fleets lower their costs and increase uptime; saving maintenance time, protecting tyres from long term damage, reduce tyre-related breakdowns and tyre wear, not to mention improved safety and fuel efficiency for all road users.


How does ContiConnect Platform Work?

ContiConnect is a remote tyre monitoring platform that does not depend on telematics or over-the-road connection. Tyre data is collected via sensors, which are mounted on the inner liner of the tyre to prevent damage. The sensors can accurately detect tyre temperature and pressure without being influenced by heat from braking systems. When the truck enters the fleet yard, the yard reader stations would then pick up data from the sensors and transmit it to the ContiConnect backend via a cellular network. Data will then be displayed in a web portal.


Inside the web portal, the fleet manager can access low pressure alerts, track data over time, view reports and analytics for all tyres equipped with sensors. The platform allows customisable text and email notifications, which sends alerts to fleet manager, maintenance supervisor or other personnel when low tyre pressure or high tyre pressure is recorded. This will allow fleets to act in advance to fix the issues rather than performing manual pressure checks.


ContiPressureCheck Tyre Pressure Monitoring System (TPMS)

Continental offers a range of digital tyre monitoring systems to fit a fleet’s individual business needs. The ContiPressureCheck is simple to install and displays real time tyre pressure to the driver via an in-cab display, or alerts when issues are identified.


How Can Continental Tyre Sensors Prevent Tyre Related Breakdowns?

Philippe Barabinot, Head of Sales & Marketing, BR APAC Truck Tyres, with Market Manager Malaysia Frederic Quaranta.

Continental’s tyre sensors can identify creeping air loss which is one of the major causes of tyre failure. In addition, verifying proper tyre inflation guarantees the highest possible fuel efficiency and reduces tyre wear. Most important of all, it helps prevent tyre blowouts for optimal safety and increase casing life. With ContiConnect, fleets can really ensure maximum profitability with the lowest overall driving cost.


How much?

The sensors alone are roughly to be 10 per cent of the cost of new tyres. The Central Control Unit receives the signal from the sensors and are placed low on the chassis of the vehicle for better reception and is rated IP69 for complete dust and high temperature and pressure water.


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