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How to Afford A Used Mercedes-Benz

In recent years, Mercedes-Benz has upped the sexy and snazziness levels to a brand that has traditionally been imprinted in our psyches as ‘it’ cars. These cars are symbols of one having made it in life, icons of success, or one’s arrival.

The Benz branding is strong, winking from glossy magazines, inserted into rap lyrics and swerving across the silver-screen driven by the likes of 007 and the Justice League. Everyone dreams of owning a Benz,  but in this day and age of uncertainty, how do you afford one? Here’s how, buy a used Mercedes-Benz car instead.

used Mercedes-Benz

Once upon a time, flashy and new was the only way to go, but at a time where we are faced with the realities of modern consumption, purchasing something used, but in perfectly good working order not only means a lower carbon footprint and gets you environmental karma points, but is also easier on the pocket.

There are many options when you buy used cars, you could go classic or modern, sturdy or sporty.

To achieve that ride, plan a budget.

A collectable model starts from around RM50,000. A popular classic model from the 90s could cost you between RM8,000 to RM20,000, equal to just the down payment for a new model. The retro cool-factor though, is priceless.

used Mercedes-Benz

A newer model, used Mercedes-Benz car such as the 2017 C200 (which would still be under warranty) can be available for under RM200,000 compared to over RM250,000 for new one. That’s roughly savings of two Starbucks coffees every day, for the duration of the car loan ( repayment RM2,000 to 2,500 per month for 7 years for the used car).

Wanna have it all? Hustle harder. Just know that whichever way you choose, end-to-end solutions at Carsome make going from e-hailer to Benz-owner as easy as 123. Find out more here.

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