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The Toyota Corolla – 11 Generations Through Images

Since the launch of the first-generation Corolla in 1966, over 44.1 million Corollas have been sold globally. Today the world’s most popular car badge is sold in over 150 countries and regions, with 16 plants in 13 countries worldwide. How did the Corolla begin?


As a result of a rapid rise in personal income thanks to the high growth of the Japanese economy, the prices of vehicles in the 1,000-cc class fell to 1.4 times per-capita income beginning around 1965. A momentum was created that led to wide-ranging motorization founded on economy passenger cars, and the dream of actually owning a car became a reality for the many “drivers on paper”, people who possessed a driver’s license but no car.


Toyota launched the Publica economy passenger car in 1961, but the sales volume did not increase as expected. To trigger full-fledged motorization required a new economy car that was low in price yet still fulfilled people’s dreams.


Therefore, Toyota proceeded to develop the Corolla, a new luxury economy car positioned between the 800-cc Publica and the 1,500-cc Corona, targeted at the family car segment.


Unlike the plain practicality of the Publica, the Corolla featured sporty design elements in other areas as well, such as the subtle curves in the body, and the semi-fastback form with a new relaxed roof line. Incidentally, a two door coupe-style Corolla with an even sportier image was released a year and a half later as the Corolla Sprinter. What happened after? Sit back as we take you back to Corolla memory lane in pictures.


1st Generation (1966 – 1970)


2nd Generation (1970 – 1974)


3rd Generation (1974 – 1979)


4th Generation (1979 – 1983)


5th Generation (1983 – 1987)


6th Generation (1987 – 1991)


7th Generation (1991 – 1995)


8th Generation (1995 – 2000)


9th Generation (2000 – 2006)


10th Generation (2006 – 2012)


11th Generation (2013 – 2019)

What do you think? Excited about the upcoming 12th generation Corolla?


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