Subaru Recall for Brake Light Switch issues

Subaru Corporation has announced a recall involving the Forester 2014 – 2016 model year, WRX (4-door) 2011 – 2014 model year, Impreza 2008 – 2016 model year, and XV 2012 – 2017 model year due to brake light switch issues.

The issue arises from silicone gas which comes from certain consumer products that may seep through the housing of the brake light switch. The resulting effect would stop the operation of functions related to the brake light switch – Brake light, Transmission Interlock, Ignition Interlock, Vehicle Dynamics Control and EyeSight. If the defect occurs, the brake lights will not light up and may cause other users to be unaware of the driver’s intention to stop the vehicle. This increases the risk of accidental collisions.


Motor Image customers across the region including Malaysia, Hong Kong, Philippines, Singapore, Taiwan, Thailand and Vietnam will be notified of this recall. They will also closely work with affected customers to replace the brake light switch and related parts, free of charge.

The brand has mentioned that they are committed to the highest safety standards and quality during driving experience for all customers.


If you have not heard, Subaru also has a global recall for Valve Springs and Multi-Information Display.


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