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Sell Your Electric Car to CARSOME in 4 Easy Steps!

It’s undeniable that now is currently the best time to adopt an electric car. The electric car industry is rapidly improving every day and there are tons of new features being introduced in newer models. This makes it even more tempting to get the latest models or look into offerings from another brand. But, is there a way to easily sell off your electric car in Malaysia?

Whether you’re upgrading to a new model or eager to explore a different brand, CARSOME is here to make the selling process as seamless as plugging in your electric car for a quick charge.

What are The Requirements to Sell Your Electric Car?

If you’re looking to sell your electric car to CARSOME, it’s essential to meet a few key criteria to ensure a smooth and successful process. Here are the requirements you need to consider:

  • Spare key and Vehicle Ownership Certificate (VOC): You will have to provide the spare key and VOC for the electric car that you’re selling.
  • Valid warranty: Your electric must be covered by a valid warranty, whether it’s a manufacturer’s warranty or an extended warranty, with a minimum of six months of validity.
  • Insurance: Please verify that your electric has valid insurance coverage during the selling process to protect all parties involved.
  • Mobile charger: When handing over your electric, you’ll be required to provide the mobile charger that originally came with the car. If the mobile charger is not included, there will be a RM3,000 reduction from the offered price.

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In addition to all the above, keep your electric car in good condition, both in terms of its performance and appearance. Once all the requirements are complete, here’s how you can sell your electric car in Malaysia with CARSOME.

Step 1: Book a Free Inspection

Visit carsome.my or download our mobile app and click on the “Sell Car” button to kick start the electric car selling process. You’ll be prompted to provide essential information about the car you’re trying to sell as well as your contact details.

After you’ve submitted your details, our dedicated CARSOME Consultants will swiftly get in touch with you to confirm your inspection appointment. Please note that currently you can only book an inspection appointment to sell your electric car at CARSOME PJ Automall.

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If you’re located outside the Klang Valley and wish to sell your electric car with CARSOME, kindly reach out to us via email at info@carsome.my or give us a call at 1800-82-3388. We’re here to assist you, no matter your location.

Step 2: Attend the Inspection

Once you’ve confirmed your inspection appointment, bring your electric car in for a thorough assessment. Our team of professional inspectors will conduct a meticulous 175-point inspection on your electric car. Don’t forget to bring the mobile charger along with you during the inspection!

After the inspection, your electric car will qualify for participation in CARSOME’s live bidding platform. Here, our network of verified used car dealers will compete to offer you the best possible deal, ensuring you get the value you deserve for your electric.

Step 3: Send Your Electric Car for Bidding

Before you send your electric car for bidding, the initial bid amount will be discussed and agreed upon between you (the seller) and CARSOME. This way, you will have complete transparency and control over the process.

To keep you in the loop, you’ll receive an email or SMS notification that will provide you access to view the live bidding session for your electric car in real time. If your electric car receives bids during the live session, you can accept or reject the offer before 3:00PM on the next day.

Step 4: Let CARSOME Handle All the Paperwork & Get Paid in 48 Hours*

Upon accepting a bid, you will then be granted a five-day window to prepare all the necessary documents before proceeding with the handover process. This time frame allows for a seamless transition and provides you with the convenience and peace of mind you deserve during this process.

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You can put your worries about paperwork to rest because CARSOME has got you covered. We will efficiently manage the intricate paperwork and legalities on your behalf, making the entire process as stress-free as possible.

Before finalizing the sale, we’ll arrange a car viewing session at CARSOME PJ Automall where the successful bidder will be reviewing your electric car. Once the purchase is confirmed, you can expect to receive your payment swiftly, within just 48 hours*, directly into your bank account.

Sell Your Electric Car to CARSOME for a Hassle-Free Selling Experience

With the electric car industry advancing at an incredible pace, it’s only natural to consider an upgrade or explore new options. If you’re looking to part ways with your electric car, choose CARSOME to ensure that the journey is seamless and rewarding!

From inspection to paperwork, we’ve got you covered in all aspects and we’re here to ensure that you receive the best value, the most convenience, and the greatest peace of mind during this transition. 

*Terms and Conditions apply.

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