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These Are The Headlight Modifications Deemed Illegal According To JPJ

Customizing cars is a fun hobby but please abide by the rules set by Jabatan Pengangkutan Jalan (JPJ). 

I’m sure many out there have experienced near-blindness due to excessively bright car lights while driving.

With that being said, did you certain types of car lights are banned by JPJ?

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Types of Car Lights Banned by JPJ

HID Headlights

These car headlight modifications are deemed illegal by JPJ.High-Intensity Discharge (HID) headlights, or white car lights that are retrofitted with their brightness exceeding the lumens set by JPJ.

Generally, HID lights are powered by Xenon gas and do not use filaments. They can produce light up to two to three times brighter than halogen lamps.

When it gets too bright, it can cause glare to other drivers on the road, which can cause inconvenience to other road users.

According to JPJ car light regulations, vehicles equipped with HID lights installed as accessories can be subject to action under Kaedah 94, Kaedah-kaedah Kenderaan Bermotor (Pembinaan dan Kegunaan) 1959.

Vehicle owners found guilty may be fined up to RM2,000 under Section 119(1) of the Road Transport Act 1987 or imprisoned for up to 6 months.

Flashing Lights

These car headlight modifications are deemed illegal by JPJ.The use of additional flashing lights other than signal lights is also prohibited. 

Not only does it confuse other drivers, but it also distracts the focus of other road users as it can cause increased glare, which increases the risk of accidents.

Most users today tend to modify ordinary brake lights to flashing brake lights. 

JPJ has stated these car modifications are not only illegal, but they can also cause high blood pressure in drivers behind them due to sudden exposure to flashing lights. 

Smoked or Blackened Car Lights

These car headlight modifications are deemed illegal by JPJ.In addition to the use of excessively bright car light bulbs, lights that are smoked or blackened until they become too dark can be considered an offense.

It has been a trend lately where the rear lights of cars are smoked or blackened using dark film coatings (tinted car lights) or spray paint.

This results in a drastic reduction in the visibility of the lights, especially when the brakes or signals are engaged. 

Such modifications make it difficult for drivers behind you to see your brake or signal lights. This increases the risk of collisions, especially during rainy or foggy weather.

Car Spotlights/Light Bars

These car headlight modifications are deemed illegal by JPJ.Generally, the installation of car spotlight lights is only permitted by JPJ on 4×4 vehicles for off-road activities. 

These lights must be covered when the vehicle is used on the road.

It must be white or amber, and can only be installed at the front of the vehicle as an addition to the existing lights. 

Additionally, the installation of car spotlight lights on the roof of the vehicle is also not allowed.

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Emergency Lights/Strobe Lights

These car headlight modifications are deemed illegal by JPJ.Privately owned vehicles are not allowed to use direction indicator lights or strobe lights at all. 

These lights are either single or multi-colored warning lights and are categorized as accessory components installed on the roof of a vehicle.

They can only be installed on emergency vehicles. If they are installed on vehicles where they shouldn’t be, these lights may confuse other drivers on the road. 

According to Kaedah 24, Kaedah-kaedah Kenderaan Motor (Lalulintas Jalan) 1959, only police vehicles, fire trucks, ambulances, and JPJ vehicles are allowed to have traffic priority over others. 

However, this is subject to exceptions with the permission of the Director General of JPJ Malaysia.

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The proper and appropriate use of car lights is important so that you can be seen by other road users. 

Additionally, it also plays a crucial role in providing early warnings to other drivers while contributing to a safe and orderly traffic environment. 

Therefore, please refrain from using car lights that are not permitted by JPJ.

There is nothing wrong with customizing your car, but the regulations set by JPJ must be adhered to. 

Failure to comply may result in fines or, worse, imprisonment! We hope this article helps you identify the types of car lights you shouldn’t use on your vehicle.


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