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Frustrated with Malaysian Road Conditions? Here’s How You Can Report Nasty Potholes

Nothing makes a driver happier than being able to enjoy a smooth cruise on the road without having to worry about anything other than their speed limit.

Unfortunately, potholes have been plaguing Malaysian roads and frustrating road users due to the dangers they pose to the safety of everyone traveling on the road.


Here are ways potholes can damage your car when you hit them and how you can report these nasty potholes should you encounter one during your daily drive.

Dangers of Hitting Potholes

Damaged or Flat Tires

Your car tires connect your car to the road so they would be the first thing to receive the impact when you hit a pothole. The impact can damage, strain, or weaken your tires, thus leading to a blowout or flat tire when you travel further down the road.

If you happen to hit a pothole, it’s always best to find a safe place to stop so you can inspect your tires for damage, even if it does not show any signs of being flat. Check the structure of your tire for any bulge or tears and immediately schedule for a tire change.

Bent or Cracked Rims

The next victim to feel the brunt when you hit a pothole are the rims. Cars these days are mostly equipped with aluminum or alloy wheels and they are more susceptible to dents, especially when hitting a pothole at high speeds.

Bent rims will become distorted, which may lead to cracks as well. This causes your steering wheels to vibrate when driving and you also will not be able to control your car properly.

Alignment & Suspension Damage

Another effect of hitting a pothole is that it could potentially damage your car’s suspension and alignment. 

This could result in premature wear and tear on your strut and shock absorbers, which will make your car bounce excessively while being driven. 

After hitting a pothole, if you notice your car veering off center while driving, that means your car’s alignment has been affected and this will cause your tires to wear out quickly.

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Reporting Potholes

Back in 2020, Jabatan Kerja Raya Malaysia posted a statement on Facebook that listed 11 ways the public can officially lodge their complaints regarding damaged roads and roads with potholes.

The statement also mentioned that, “every complaint regardless of federal road, state road or council road, will be channeled to the relevant parties for immediate action.”

Here are the 11 ways you can submit a complaint to JKR.

  1. JKR Care website (https://aduan.jkr.gov.my/)
    • Visit the link above.
    • Click on ‘Daftar Aduan’.
    • Proceed to fill in your complaint along with your details then submit.

jkr care

  1. Sistem Pengurusan Aduan Awam (SISPAA) JKR (https://kkr.spab.gov.my/eApps/system/index.do)
    • Visit the link above.
    • Click on ‘Aduan/Maklum Balas Baharu’.
    • Proceed to fill in your complaint along with your details then submit.

sispaa jkr

  1. Sistem Pengurusan Aduan Awam (SISPAA) Biro Pengaduan Awam (https://pcb.spab.gov.my/eApps/system/index.do)
    • Visit the link above.
    • Click on ‘Aduan/Maklum Balas Baharu’.
    • Proceed to fill in your complaint along with your details then submit.

sispaa bpa

  1. By phone calls: 1-300-888-557 or 03-2618 8401/8402
  2. Complaint email: aduan.jkr@1govuc.gov.my
  3. Communication email: komunikasi.jkr@1govuc.gov.my
  4. Through newspaper/media
  5. Malaysia Government Call Centre (MyGCC) – by calling 03-8000 8000 / emailing 80008000@mygcc.gov.my / visiting MYGCC’s Facebook, Twitter, Instagram / website.
  6. Letters addressed to JKR – Urus Setia Aduan JKR, Bahagian Komunikasi Korporat (BKK), Cawangan Dasar dan Pengurusan Korporat, Ibu Pejabat JKR Malaysia, Tingkat 30, Blok G, Jalan Sultan Salahuddin, 50480 Kuala Lumpur
  7. Verbal complaint by visiting JKR office.
  8. Use the ‘Respons Rakyat’ app that you can download from the Apple Store and Play Store.

Additionally, you can also lodge a complaint regarding potholes through the following methods as well.

‘DBKL Potholes Complaints’ WhatsApp for Kuala Lumpur

If you’re driving around in Kuala Lumpur and you see any potholes or damages on the road that requires immediate attention, you can directly notify Dewan Bandaraya Kuala Lumpur of its location through the mentioned WhatsApp service on this number 011-6239 6652 or through this link https://wa.link/jobdg3.

In this Facebook post where this service was announced, all you have to do is take a photo of the pothole you’re reporting and send it to the WhatsApp number above along with its location so DBKL can immediately send a repair team. 

Using Waze Reports for Potholes & Other Road Hazards in Selangor

If you’re living in Selangor, the state government has been working together with Waze to gather information regarding potholes and other road hazards from the public. 

Reporting is very easy as well. All you have to do is get your passenger to tap the ‘Report’ icon when you see a pothole or any hazard on the road, select ‘Hazard’, then tap ‘On Road’, followed by ‘Pothole’ and then tap ‘Send’ to submit your report. You can also include a photo and a comment with your report, if needed.

Lookout for Potholes & Other Road Hazards While Driving

Always be on the lookout for potholes or road hazards – they can be quite dangerous if neglected for too long. So, when you’re driving and if you’re able to, please do your part by reporting them to the authorities so they can be taken care of for the safety of all road users.

And if you do spot a pothole ahead while driving, slow down and try to carefully drive around it. Avoid swerving suddenly to steer clear of the pothole as it could inflict more damage to your car if you hit it on an angle. You could also hit another vehicle if you suddenly swerve into another lane.

With that, we wish you a safe drive ahead.

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