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How to Transport Pets in Your Car for Long-Distance Trips

You’re not alone if you are part of the growing trend of young adults who prefer having pets over children. Some take it to the next level by bringing their fur babies along on a road trip. While not too far-fetched, here’s what you need to know before loading up your pet’s carrier in your vehicle.

Things to Do When Traveling With a Cat & Dog in Your Car

Get a Proper Cage or Carrier Bag Beforehand

Travelling with a catTake this lesson from an owner who tried sending his cat to the veterinarian for the first time – the cat ran amok inside the car uncontrollably and we had to cancel the trip. 

For cat owners, get yourself a proper carrier bag or box to secure them. It saves you the headache of trying to pick up your cat when it begins to panic inside your car. In the worst-case scenario, they can interrupt the driver’s focus on the road and put everyone in danger. 

On the other hand for dog owners, especially larger breeds, there are seatbelts for dogs that can be bought for cheap, under RM20 on e-commerce websites in Malaysia. 

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Take Your Pet for a Short Drive First

Travelling with a catUnlike human babies, some pets do not take it well when they are placed in a car. Animals react differently to an alien environment that isn’t their home, more so inside a moving car. Some cats and dogs are susceptible to motion sickness too. 

Try placing your animal carrier or cage inside your car and take them for a short ride around the neighborhood to get them used to it. If they refuse to calm down, talking to your pets helps to reassure them and pack some treats for when they behave. 

Additionally, get someone else to drive the car for you while you sit next to your carrier. Your pets will feel much safer when you’re around them. 

Keep Your Pets Secured & Ventilated Inside the Car

Travelling with a catThis advice may sound like the author’s stating the obvious, but we have seen cases where irresponsible owners transport their pets irresponsibly on flatbed trucks. 

If transporting a large dog, make sure there’s enough space in the rear passenger seat and never leave them exposed to the elements, especially on longer trips. You can still transport your large pet loaded at your truck bed for short trips, but make sure to fasten their carrier/cage securely. 

Prepare a Litter Box & Make Sure It Stays Clean

Travelling with a catSome animals like cats are quite particular when it comes to cleanliness. Furthermore, a dirty litter box will make your pets stressed out from holding it in, not to mention the smell. 

When planning to pack up and travel with your pets, always give them their litter box and in addition, their carrier cages clean for the trip. 

Make Frequent Stops to Check on Your Pet

Travelling with a catIf you’re traveling long distances, make frequent stops to check on your pet from time to time. Check their carriers to ensure they have ample food, and water and their litter box stays clean. 

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Things Not to Do:

Leave Your Pets In a Hot Car

Travelling with a catMalaysia has no shortage of cases where children succumb to heat stroke after being left inside the car. To put it into perspective, Malaysia’s tropical heat can reach up to 32 Celsius on average. With prolonged exposure, it can take an hour to cook any living being alive inside a car.

Leave the air conditioning on running first in case you have to leave your pets in the car. Additionally, you can leave a note inside the car to inform passersby that you’ll be returning soon. 

Keep Your Animal Carrier In the Front Seat

Their cuteness distracting you aside, your pets should be strapped securely in the rear seats before starting your journey. The same theory can be applied to baby seats too.

If the airbags are deployed during a crash, the impact – combined with the whiplash effect in play – can potentially put your pets in danger! Even with a dedicated seatbelt for dogs as mentioned earlier, a car’s airbags are designed with the human anatomy in mind.

With proper precaution, traveling with your pets can be a wonderful experience and make good memories. Pets have such short lives yet they spend most of it around us. Let’s make the little time they have a pleasant one. 


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