Ferrari’s Dino Celebrates Its 50th Anniversary

How do you celebrate half a century of a motoring icon? With a gathering at its birthplace of course! Just weeks ago, Ferrari commemorated the 50th anniversary of the Dino by inviting owners of the iconic car for a gathering and shoot in Maranello, Italy.


Enthusiasts of the car would’ve been puzzled by the celebration as the car’s 50th anniversary should be celebrated in 2017, but it would have been overshadowed by Ferrari’s own 70th anniversary. Hence the brand decided to have it this year – a 50th for the Dino’s road debut in 1968.


The Dino, named after Enzo Ferrari’s eldest son is one of the world’s best loved and biggest selling Ferraris. The six-cylinder engine was designed by Dino himself and was first presented as a saloon prototype at the Paris Motor Show in October 1965. The interesting thing about the Dino is that although it was manufactured by Ferrari, it only carried Dino badges. This was an attempt by the brand to offer a more accessible sports car.


With over 150 Dinos and 300 customers at the meet, the cars paraded at the Fiorano track before heading into the factory for a special tour.




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