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Can You Earn RM900 in 8 Days Just By Renting Your Car Out With Trevo?

Are you the type who walks to work every day while leaving your car parked for the whole week at home?

trevo car rentalDo you think leaving your car sitting like that is a waste? Why not rent it out to someone who needs a quick set of wheels while making passive income? 

For every new car bought with CARSOME, you can make some pocket money when you rent it out on the Trevo app.

What is Trevo?

trevo car rentalTrevo is a peer-to-peer ride-sharing and car rental service app where users can rent cars and even put up their rides for rent. 

Users can use Trevo to rent out cars for their personal use or put up their cars for rental to generate a passive income. 

In addition, Trevo can also be used like a regular e-hailing app around Malaysia.

How to List Out Your Car on Trevo In Three Simple Steps 

Step 1: Download and Register On the Trevo App

To list your car for rental on the Trevo app, you will be required to complete their profile verification. You’ll need a photograph of your IC, a selfie with it, and a valid driver’s license to complete the verification process. It should take Trevo up to 48 hours to approve them. 

Step 2: Put Your Car Up For Listing

This next step is straightforward – take pictures of your car with your awesome photography skills for the listing. Be sure to include shots of the interior too so any prospecting renters can know what they are paying for. 

Then, add in details about your car. To make your ride more attractive to potential renters, be sure to include all your car’s specifications, features, and amenities. 

Once that’s done, you can set your asking price either by the hour or per day and you’re all set. Don’t forget to include the car’s location! 

Step 3: Get Paid When Someone Rents Your Car!

You’ll receive the money from Trevo when someone has confirmed the booking of your car. 

But before that, it’s best to communicate with the renter on where to pick up your car or arrange to have a Trevo representative deliver the car to them. 

Earn Up to RM900* In 8 Days When You Register as a Host On Trevo with CARSOME! 

trevo car rentalRent out your car on the Trevo app and let your car pay for itself!  From the 1st of March to the 30th of June, sign up with CARSOME and put up your car for rental on the Trevo app and you can earn up to RM900 in eight days! 

trevo car rental

Scan the QR code or click the link here and start earning passive income with your car now! 

Buy a Car From Us and Earn Up to RM400 For Every Successful Rental!

This offer stands exclusive for CARSOME customers only – for those who have purchased a car with us and put it up for rental on Trevo.

For every successful booking on the app, your car can earn up to RM400 via cashback for the next six months for every successful rental.

*Terms & conditions apply.


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